US Senate Republicans block probe of January 6 Cap

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US Senate Republicans block probe of January 6 Capitol riot - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Republicans blocked a bipartisan panel to study the January 6 Capitol riot on Friday, with the Senate falling six votes short of the 60 needed to form a 10-member commission from both parties.

Six Republicans voted with Democrats to move forward on the commission billThe deaths to discern more layers of detail, Huyer said he went public wit, and eleven senators missed the rare Friday voteB.C. residents receive their first dose o, some of whom said they had scheduling conflicts.

The commission bill had passed the House of Representatives earlier this month with support from some three dozen Republicans but GOP senators said they thought it could be used against them politicallybut certainly.

The move was a show of support for former President Donald Trump who said the panel was a “Democrat trap”deputy director general o.

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