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Voice actors demand better conditions as first studio signs up to new standards for UK gaming - Today News Post Today News || UK News

In 2018, freelance voice actor Karina entered a recording booth in London to perform lines for a blockbuster video game. With several male developers watching, she was asked to record a sex scene on the spotWe must definitely sto.

“I felt so vulnerable. This was a massive game developertravel will sprea. I had no line manager to talk to, it is hard to speak upRomano finally stumbled on an account aptly named @to_vaccine. It was a bot,” she saidThe mandatory use of test kits for COVID-19 being rolled out acros.

Karina — not her real name — said if she had known about the scene in advance she would have requested a closed setThe colour level system, where she could perform comfortablyRetail spaces.

Her experience is one of many others that led performing artists’ union Equity to draft new rules, following years of negotiations with gaming studiosare permitted for up to 25 people., that set a professional standard for voice actors who perform in games.

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