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Choose the bamboo floor and decorate your home in green with ease. In today's natural and "green decoration", bamboo flooring is gradually favored by consumers for its excellent internal quality and pleasing appearance

choose the bamboo floor and decorate your home in green with ease. Be natural and “ Green decoration ” Today, bamboo flooring is gradually favored by consumers for its excellent internal quality and pleasing appearance

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bamboo floor has good aesthetics, straight texture, elegant tone, strong and smooth, high hardness, fine texture, which can add a lot of cultural atmosphere to the room; Moreover, its natural color is very beautiful, elastic, moisture-proof, non moldy, strong hardness, warm in winter and cool in summer. Using the curved surface of bamboo as the appearance, it has a unique charm. What's more valuable is that bamboo floor is very suitable for geothermal heating. For consumers, what are the characteristics of bamboo floor as geothermal heating? Can the city's climate be covered with bamboo geothermal floors? How to choose and buy bamboo flooring

according to color, bamboo flooring on the market is mainly divided into two kinds: one is natural color. The color difference of bamboo flooring is smaller than that of wood flooring. Because the growth radius of bamboo is much smaller than that of wood, it is not seriously affected by sunlight, and there is no obvious difference between the Yin and Yang sides. Therefore, the bamboo flooring processed from fresh Phyllostachys pubescens has rich bamboo patterns, and the color and luster are symmetrical, making the floor tone more unified. Natural color is divided into natural color and carbonized color: this color is processed with varnish, and the most basic color of bamboo is taken. It is bright and bright. The carbonized color is similar to the color of walnut. In fact, it is made of bamboo after baking, and clear bamboo lines are still visible in the dignified and calm. The other is artificial paint, which can mix all kinds of colorful colors, but the bamboo pattern is not obvious

it is understood that most customers prefer natural color bamboo flooring, which is simple in style, but the prominent bamboo grain can better reflect the quiet taste brought by bamboo, so to meet this preference of customers, the surface treatment of bamboo flooring is mostly varnish, including matte paint, bright oil paint and wear-resistant paint

due to its high hardness, high density and good texture, bamboo flooring has better thermal conductivity, thermal stability, environmental protection and deformation resistance than other wooden flooring. Experts believe that solid wood floors are thicker, so their thermal conductivity is relatively poor, and solid wood composite floors and bamboo floors are the most suitable wooden floors for geothermal heating so far

purchase guide

bamboo age is not the longer the better

in the building materials City, we often hear the salesperson selling bamboo flooring say: “ Our bamboo is very high-quality, and the age of bamboo is 9 years& rdquo; Many consumers also believe that the older the bamboo is, the more mature it is, and the stronger it will be when used as a bamboo floor. In fact, experts believe that the older the bamboo, the better. The best bamboo age should be 4? 6 years, less than 4 years, too small and not mature, bamboo is too tender; The skin of 9-year-old Phyllostachys pubescens is too thick, and it is crispy and not good to use. Too tender and too old will affect the stability of bamboo geothermal floor





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