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Modern urban life is busy and tense. A warm home can bring everyone the most relaxed leisure time. Home is also a "Facade" that shows itself to external friends. As the saying goes: work according to principles, speak according to face; They are not only widely popular in society, but also spread in the bedroom. From the appearance of the home, the doors and windows are our face. The beautiful effect after installation can win us face. Then let's grasp our appearance and be a host who stresses both principles and face! Doors and windows play a key role in home decoration. Choosing a door and window suitable for your home style can not only unify the style, but also sublimate the overall effect after decoration, and the beautiful and practical effect can give you face. There are many kinds of door and window materials, including aluminum alloy doors and windows, solid wood doors and windows, solid wood composite doors and windows, etc. each material has its own characteristics. Choosing a suitable door and window for your room can not only beautify your room, but also use it safely inside and outside the door; With the continuous improvement of production technology, the development of solid wood composite doors from product design to production technology has changed significantly from the past. Solid wood doors and windows have three functions: fire prevention, theft prevention and solid wood shape. The technological research and development of wooden doors also continue to innovate. The new fingerprint lock, password lock and remote control lock installed on the wooden door make the security and anti-theft performance more reliable and the owner can open it more conveniently. The appearance of the solid wood composite door has the same visual effect as the wooden door, and the lines are still clear, and the safety and aesthetics are integrated. The shape of solid wood doors and windows is no longer dominated by a single wooden frame, but an aluminum alloy "coat" is added to the wooden frame, which can not only maintain the original natural flavor of solid wood doors and windows, but also make the doors and windows more solid, regardless of wind and rain. In the process of processing, it is also more casual, regardless of any flower style and size can meet your personalized needs. Natural wood texture is the theme of solid wood doors and windows for a long time, reflecting the simple and natural rhythm, so that the room has a noble and elegant temperament. Finally, we talk about the solid wood composite door of guyueju. Guyueju is characterized by green environmental protection quality, providing security for the living environment, stable quality, no cracking, no deformation, and can prevent expansion and contraction. Its surface also has exquisite and natural texture. Whether it is spray paint or surface paint, the wood texture is still reflected. You can mix other colors to make doors according to your personal preferences. As long as you master some skills, you can easily create a pleasant home and help you have a relaxed and comfortable life





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