On gift packaging culture

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On gift packaging culture

"etiquette" refers to etiquette, politeness, respect or words and deeds that show respect. "Gifts" are items that people give to show their respect, celebration and other feelings. They are an important medium for people to connect with each other and convey their respect. They are always connected with human good feelings. When people give gifts to each other, they just stay on simple gifts at first. With the development of society and the progress of civilization, simple gifts themselves cannot fully include the content of "gifts". Excellent packaging can add added value to gifts. This added value includes "spiritual added value" and "material added value"

from the perspective of spiritual added value, gift packaging is the only curtain between the gift and the recipient, as if it can make a visual sound, as if it is pouring out its heart to the recipient. It is not only the voice of the gift -- describing the connotation and characteristics of the gift, but also the voice of the giver -- expressing the meaning and friendship of the gift, but also stimulating the feelings of the recipient and arousing his psychological response. This is more unexpected spiritual enjoyment than seeing the gift without packaging at a glance

from the perspective of actual added value, the packaging can still be preserved after the gift is used. Those with exquisite workmanship can be used for decoration and beautification of life; Strong and durable enough to hold objects or for other purposes. The material properties of packaging make the friendship of gifts continue and play a long role in our life. [1]

gift packaging is more exquisite than other packaging in terms of material, structure, decoration and production technology, and pays more attention to the aesthetics, taste and cultural connotation of packaging. This may stem from people's sincerity and attention to "ceremony"

the Chinese nation has been a world-famous state of etiquette since ancient times. Thousands of years of ancient civilization has brewed a long-standing gift packaging culture. In the spring and Autumn period and the Warring States period, there had been colorful and beautiful sales packaging. In the Tang Dynasty, the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the gift packaging technology became more and more exquisite. In the packaging of utensils, no country has adopted silk cloth as a material as widely as China, which is determined by China's specific history and culture

the world is a huge family system. The colorful cultures of various countries and nations have different signs and connotations. In the long river of history, this unique sign and connotation with strong national and national color has bred different etiquette and customs, which are manifested in dance, music, murals, costumes, gifts and other aspects in various ways. Gift packaging is also a form of artistic expression of the cultural connotation and folk customs of various nationalities in various countries. It expresses its ideas in various ways in different countries and regions

in the gift packaging of traditional customs such as celebrations, weddings and reunions, we can strongly feel the great differences in color, pattern, structure and decorative style between eastern and Western gift packaging caused by different national cultural connotations

the performance of the medium friction machine is stable. Chinese people advocate red, and they also like warm colors such as yellow and orange. In the traditional concept of the Chinese people, red represents celebration and symbolizes warmth, vitality, joy and enthusiasm. Bright yellow was once a special color for Chinese emperors. In the eyes of the Chinese people, yellow has the meaning of authority, brilliance, wisdom and nobility. Orange symbolizes Yang, vitality, positive and happy life. Therefore, when Chinese people celebrate weddings, Spring Festival, Mid Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, gift packages are mainly in warm colors with high saturation, such as red, yellow or orange, to reflect a jubilant and warm festive atmosphere. In some countries in southern Europe, yellow and light red are vulgar. In Pakistan, yellow is more hated by nationalists, because Brahmin monks wear yellow robes

blue means trust, conservatism and idealism in the traditional concept of Americans, and Europeans also hold the same view. In addition, white represents purity, brightness, joy and whiteness in their minds. Therefore, the wedding gift packages given by Americans are mostly pure, elegant and noble blue or white to express the blessing of the faithful love of the groom and bride

in the arid Middle East, blue is considered the color from heaven. Therefore, blue and white Chinese porcelain is particularly popular in the Middle East. In Belgium, blue is a taboo color. In Egypt, some people regard blue as a demon

it can be seen that due to the differences in traditional culture, folk customs and people's feelings, there are great differences in the perception and understanding of the color opening upper jaw electric switch clamping the sample

the prominent feature of Chinese gift packaging is the use of auspicious patterns. On the gift packages of traditional festivals such as the Spring Festival and the Mid Autumn Festival, we can often see "Chang'e rushes to the moon" and "four happy people" and other patterns; On the gift packages for blessing and birthday celebration, patterns such as "tortoise, pine and crane" symbolize "longevity", the "heaven and earth" symbolize "longevity", the "fish" symbolize "surplus", and the "Peony" symbolize "wealth". China's traditional patterns are rich and colorful. They usually take natural images or traditional stories as subjects, and express people's pursuit and hope for a better life by means of implied metaphors, such as implication, symbol, borrowing, analogy, etc. they focus on the connotation of auspiciousness, which is different from general decorative patterns

the decorative patterns favored by each nationality have a unique style trend due to different regional cultures and national temperament. People in the cold Nordic countries tend to appreciate the blue, cold gray, plant themed, complex, simple and moderate symmetrical patterns; However, the Germanic people with strong character and rigorous work prefer patterns with stable colors and simple lines; The French, who advocate aristocratic temperament, have a special liking for the complicated and curvilinear Rococo patterns that pay attention to details; In Zimbabwe, people who believe in tribal religion like geometric patterns with strong visual sense, which are composed of many straight lines, edges and corners and strong contrast colors such as black, white and red

with the development of modernization, countries and ethnic groups in the world are more and more closely linked. Rich and colorful cultures influence and penetrate each other, and the global development towards integration has brought a broader design space for gift packaging. In the style of packaging design, it emphasizes a natural, friendly, simple, healthy and environmental protection aesthetic consciousness. Designers no longer blindly pursue gorgeous and luxurious excessive packaging, but show a variety of styles, including urban commercialization, court etiquette, literati elegance, fashion popularity, folk secularization and so on

in addition to quality assurance, the sales of commodities in modern society largely depend on product packaging, especially gift packaging. Facing the colorful world packaging culture, only by establishing our own unique packaging personality can we remain invincible. Chinese culture is broad and profound. China's long history and culture has written the artistic soul of the Chinese nation. Chinese art has a complete system and rich connotation. It is very difficult to find a unique design culture language with Chinese character that can be truly accepted by the world. This requires designers to read as much information as possible that can be used for reference in Chinese culture, and innovate on the basis of learning from foreign excellent culture. This is not a problem that can be solved in a short time. It requires our designers to innovate in practice

we should find a unique design language with Chinese character, make "excellent gift packaging with Chinese character, let them run through Chinese life and integrate into the world environment, and bring Chinese traditional culture, Chinese warmth and friendship and Chinese desire for peace to the people of the world

source: Journal of Shijiazhuang Polytechnic

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