On December 24, domestic PTA still maintained weak

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On December 24, the domestic PTA market remained weak at 98.07, the price focus was still at a low price, the market lacked active quotation, the general quotation fell to yuan/ton, and the negotiation transactions were mostly focused on yuan/ton. The market inquiry atmosphere is general. Most of the inquiries are from traders. Moreover, due to the fact that the inquiry price is lower than that people are more and more interested in carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic plastics, a reference to "new normal" has begun to appear recently, and the market negotiation is very light. Due to the limited market demand and the continuous downturn of the internal market, the US dollar market also performed poorly, and the buyer's intention was also low in US dollars/ton

upstream crude oil is still volatile. Although the PX contract price was introduced in January with a high profile, it did not stimulate the PTA Market in terms of cost

downstream: the downstream polyester market is also relatively light. For example, at present, the general transaction price of polyester chips in domestic areas is between RMB/ton cash delivery, the general transaction price of domestic CDP chips is RMB/ton delivery, and the price range of some bottle chips is RMB/ton delivery. As the operating rate of chip spinning polyester filament production enterprises has decreased, the purchase volume of upstream polyester chips has decreased significantly, and the market risk of polyester chips has increased. Therefore, when the downstream demand is still in the off-season, there is no sign of stabilization in the PTA market

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