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On duty and security precautions for universal experimental machine of Jinan experimental machine factory during the Spring Festival in order to protect the safe production and stable operation of the power station during the Spring Festival, put in place all measures for the safe security task, effectively control the occurrence of various emergencies, ensure that the operation and maintenance personnel have a peaceful and happy Spring Festival, and contact the actual production and operation environment of the photovoltaic power station, the measures are hereby formulated, with details as follows:

1 General requirements

keep smooth communication during duty, and fill in the duty record form seriously. Special notices must be requested from the leader and can be placed before approval; After various emergencies occur, the station master must rush to the scene at the first time and give instructions to start the emergency handling task. The staff on duty at each post shall be derelict of duty, keep alert and have a proper attitude towards the task. During the duty period, it is not allowed to gather people to gamble, drink and cause accidents, fight and fight, or bring any external staff without the approval of the leader to the power station to stay or lodge

2. Command scope and handling responsibilities

1. Station master: fully responsible for the security and various emergencies of the power station during the Spring Festival

2 security: security patrol inspection in PV area, registration inspection of visiting staff and vehicles of the power station, and taking over the station master's moral and wind inspection post at any time, as well as the night patrol task

3. On duty shift supervisor and operation and maintenance staff: responsible for the safe production of the software test system during the Spring Festival of the power station and other matters related to the higher notch impact toughness of the production and paste steel plate, and strengthening the rest law and civilized production during the shift. In case of any abnormality, report it to the leader on duty in time and stop handling it properly

4. Driver and chef: the driver shall ensure the safety of the vehicle and never drive without regulations; The chef is responsible for the logistics guarantee of the whole station during the festival to prevent food safety and food poisoning

3. Anti terrorism Enron in Xinjiang and other regions

1. The team leader (station master) is the first person in the task of security and anti-terrorism stability maintenance, and serves as the formulation, supervision and rectification of anti-terrorism preparedness measures in the station. It is the general instruction when a hackable transaction occurs

2. During the shift, other staff are responsible for the implementation of anti-terrorism preparedness measures in the station and the rectification of Enron production results. In the event of a terrorist attack level theft, it should immediately follow the anti-terrorism plan to stop responding, or stop effective handling in the event of a security production accident in the station

3. The gate of the plant area must be closed at all times. As long as all the members of the station can make payments, the entry of external staff needs to be delayed and recorded.

4. Strengthen the patrol of the photovoltaic Park and the park fence during the day, and patrol the park fence after dinner to prevent terrorists from stepping on the site. The patrol staff should wear anti stab clothing, safety helmet, electric baton and walkie talkie. Record the patrol environment in detail

5. The staff on duty at night shall strengthen the patrol and operate the two camera ball machines at the big gate of the plant and the living area to reverse the rotation patrol. In particular, when they hear the dog barking and abnormal sound in the station, they must stop the two video monitors in the plant and the living area from rotating back and forth

6. Timely the surrounding business environment, so that each employee can be familiar with the current serious situation, so that each employee can improve their vigilance and do a good job in the safe preparedness measures of the power station. And time to encourage the family to eliminate the fear

7. If there are vehicles and staff staying around for a long time, the security guard will go to ask them. He will appreciate the environment and pay more attention to the environment of the whole family, including the staff's mind and action, whether there are lethal weapons, vehicle color, vehicle trademark, etc

8. Strengthen the routine inspection and regular inspection tasks in the station, and increase the safety production of equipment in the station

4. Snow prevention measures

1. Do a good job in the inspection of the monitoring panel and station equipment during the heavy snow, and report to the station master immediately if there is any abnormal environment

2. In case of short circuit or other notices during heavy snow, the power supply of fire alarm equipment and lines shall be cut off quickly, and the fire fighting shall be started after safety protection measures are taken

3. During the heavy snowfall, the production of external overhead lines is in trouble, so it is necessary to report immediately, tell the dispatcher in time, and follow the dispatching order to perform the operation

4. If the 35kV and 10kV power supply is completely cut off during the heavy snow, the power generation and Internet connection shall be carried out according to the instructions of the lower level, and the DC battery shall be checked to ensure that the operation power supply is normal

5. Due to heavy snow, photovoltaic panels can be crushed or damaged. Timely report the specifications for measurement of building sound insulation GBJ 75 (8) 4, and place them according to the actual environment on site

see the attachment for the placement table of the personnel on duty in each power station

operation and maintenance division

january 20, 2016

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