On February 19, the price of Shahe glass was raise

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On February 19, the price of Shahe glass was raised.

on February 19, 2016, the price of Shahe glass was raised. Today, the big bright small board 3. 7mm/3。 8mm up 0. 1 yuan/square meter; Xinli small board 3. 5mm/3。 8mm/4。 5mm/4。 8mm uniformly increased by 0. 1 yuan/square meter. Other manufacturers have not changed yet

some manufacturers in Shahe market delivered goods well yesterday. On the whole, the inventory was lower, mainly inventory and sales to surrounding markets. Shandong Jurun 700 ton production line is cold repaired due to the expiration of kiln age, and Tangshan Lanxin production line is cold repaired. Shahe glass will seize the opportunity to further expand its sales radius. At present, manufacturers who maintain a good combination of machine base and cement foundation have a strong desire to raise prices in order to stimulate delivery and recover costs. However, at present, most of them are carried out in a small range. Other manufacturers have also issued a notice of raising prices, which may be mainly to warm up the atmosphere in the short term

global glass (the use of the above thermal insulation plastic building materials in the United States is 10 points mature in Rockwell hardness, Japan and other countries)

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