On December 24, the hottest morning, the upstream

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Early evaluation on December 24: the upstream continued to benefit PTA or the shock was strong

Zhengzhou PTA futures rose on the 23rd. Main force 1105 closing "This is the first time that carbon fiber has been widely used in mass-produced vehicles. It closed at about 10022 yuan/ton, up 26 yuan/ton. Driven by the decline in supply and the improvement of economic conditions, the international crude oil rose to a new high in two years, and the PX price also rose sharply. At present, spot trading is light, the focus of the downstream polyester chip market has moved up, and the price of polyester staple fiber has fallen. Technically, before falling below the 10 day moving average, it is still a little stronger to focus on the top 101 00

crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) hit a two-year high on the 23rd, breaking the $91 per barrel level. Therefore, some economic data released earlier showed that the US economic outlook was optimistic. The settlement price of February crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose $1.03 to $91.51 a barrel. Earlier, the contract once hit the highest level of $91.63 since October 2008. As of the week of December 18, the number of people applying for unemployment benefits for the first time in the United States decreased by 3000 to 420000, a decline greater than previously expected. At the same time, the sales of pre-sale houses increased in November, and consumer confidence increased in December. In addition, the inventory report released by the U.S. Department of energy on December 22 showed that oil inventories fell for the third consecutive week, which pushed oil prices higher before the Christmas holiday

22 Asian PX closing price was 1369 00 USD/ton FOB Korea, 1387 00 USD/ton CFR Taiwan, the price increased by 10 USD compared with the previous day

in terms of spot goods, there are few negotiations in the PTA spot market in Asia. A small number of Taiwan products are offered near USD/T, and the buyer is mainly on the sidelines. It is expected that the birth of the new brand in the United States will mark a new chapter in the clothing and footwear industry. The Korean goods are offered at USD 1190/T, and the negotiations are near USD 1180/T. The negotiation in East China PTA market is light. The small amount of offer from the owner remains around 9600 yuan/ton. The owner is reluctant to sell at a low price. The attitude of the buyer and the seller is deadlocked. This kind of characteristic is that other insulation materials such as glass wool do not have negotiation around 9600 yuan/ton. The firm offer is rare

in the downstream, after the continuous volume of transactions in the previous two days, the quotation of polyester chips has been mostly increased. In the Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, high-quality semi-finished chips were overpriced at 11500 yuan/ton for March acceptance, and some of them were underpriced at 11300 yuan/ton for March acceptance. In terms of actual transactions, the mainstream transactions were 11300 yuan/ton in cash, some higher transactions were 11500 yuan/ton for March acceptance, and a few lower transactions were 11350 yuan/ton for March acceptance or 11200 yuan/ton. The market price of Jiangsu and Zhejiang polyester short-term products continues to decline. The mainstream quotation is yuan/aluminum material, which is still the second largest material ton. The negotiation focus is around yuan/ton. The market trading atmosphere is weak, the downstream is cautious, the demand is small, and the overall transaction is not ideal

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