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China's first use of artificial intelligence to assist in the trial of this black technology is the world's leading

the picture shows the prosecutor reviewing the evidence materials automatically pushed by the "206 system". Photographed by our correspondent tangchenji

the original title is fair and just. It can be seen that China's first application of artificial intelligence assisted technology to hold a court hearing

source legal system

Yu Dongming

on the afternoon of January 23, a very special court hearing was held in the Shanghai Second Intermediate People's court. Therefore, it is special, not because the case itself is strange, because some small housing and other industries are used by the public, But because artificial intelligence assisted technology was applied in the trial for the first time, "legal system" recorded the magic of the trial in the whole process

it is reported that in order to promote the reform of the trial centered litigation system, the Central Commission of political science and law handed over the research and development task of the "intelligent auxiliary case handling system for criminal cases" to Shanghai on February 6, 2017, so the system is called "206 system". This trial marks that after two years of continuous research and development, the system has achieved the full penetration and coverage of criminal case handling from public security to procuratorial and then to the court, making the trial centered litigation system reform have tangible and tangible results

fairness and justice can be seen

"please play the monitoring video of unit 2 entrance."

"please show the psychiatric identification report of the defendant."

"please call the relevant records."


there is a display screen in front of the judge, the people's assessor, the prosecutor, the defender, the defendant and the auditorium at the trial site. As long as the judge, the prosecutor and the defender issue language instructions on demand, "206 system" will automatically capture relevant evidence and show it on the display screen

on the same day, a robbery and murder case was tried. Although the case was slightly complex, all kinds of evidence produced by the "206 system" was comprehensive and clear

at the end of the court investigation, the judge instructed the "206 system" to verify the evidence of the whole case, and the system suggested that there were two flaws, both of which were the lack of seizure records of the seized property involved in the case. Subsequently, the public prosecutor explained the situation of rectifying defective evidence at the request of the court

it was noted at the scene that the "206 system" realizes the whole process sound word conversion function, which is not only accurate to each punctuation mark, but also can automatically identify the identity of the questioner and the respondent

"wherever the court trial goes, the words will be recorded, and the evidence display will follow up. In today's court trial, '206 system' has realized the whole process of auxiliary intelligence, and there is no dead corner in the examination of evidence, which has played a positive role in ascertaining facts, identifying evidence, protecting litigation rights, and making fair judgments for the court." Wu Haiyin, deputy director of the Information Office of the Shanghai high court, told happily

"the widespread application of artificial intelligence technology and electronic files has played an auxiliary role in court testimony and improved the efficiency of court testimony." The prosecutor from the second branch of the Shanghai Municipal People's Procuratorate said

the presiding judge of the case was guoweiqing, President of the second intermediate people's Court of Shanghai. When the "206 system" was launched, he was also the vice president of the Shanghai high court. For more than a year, he participated in and witnessed the system from scratch

"the research and development of '206 system' is centered on trial, that is to say, a criminal case must be solid and standardized step by step from the public security to the procuratorial and then to the court, so as to ensure that the iron case can be handled. The '206 system' acts as the 'God assistant' and 'God supervisor' of the case handlers in handling iron cases. Today's court trial is not only a test of the quality of handling cases, but also a test of the 'God assistant' and 'God supervisor'." Guoweiqing told

three 100% application practices

Yu Xin is a policeman of Caohejing police station of Xuhui District Public Security Branch. He was the first front-line case handler to contact the "206 system", he told, "At the beginning, I felt a little strange, because some links were troublesome to integrate with the original case handling system. Later, I gradually became familiar with it. I felt that this was a new 'black technology'. Now the two case handling systems have been highly integrated and fully applied, and we feel that we can't do without it."

it is understood that in the past, some police handled cases based on experience and ability, and the quality of cases varied. Especially in the links of investigation, interrogation, evidence collection and so on, personal judgment and trade-offs accounted for a certain proportion, which inevitably had flaws or omissions, and some problems were not found until the court trial stage

now, in Yu Xin's view, the reason why the "206 system" is "indispensable" is that the system has built-in evidence standard guidelines for 102 charges commonly used in the country. As long as the police handle cases according to the guidelines, they can reduce or even eliminate defects and omissions in the process of obtaining evidence; There is also the new "essential interrogation function" this year. The system provides the police with the function of automatic interrogation guidance by establishing essential interrogation models for different types of cases. Even after the interrogation, the system will automatically generate standardized, comprehensive and clear interrogation records

it is understood that by the end of 2018, the application of "206 system" in Shanghai has basically achieved three 100%, that is, the guidance of evidence standards covers 100% of frequently involved charges, the entry of frequently involved charges in the city is 100%, and the application of front-line case handling is 100%

as the "206 system" needs to traverse the public security, procuratorial and judicial departments, Shanghai has also created a special system for this purpose, which has realized the interconnection and information sharing of cases among the handling organs, especially the case annotation at all stages has been fully shared

"Don't underestimate these comments. They are all case handlers, but on the whole, the enterprise's independent innovation and technological achievements are well combined with utilization, and feed back to the computer control system through the data collection card; the hydraulic system is the wisdom crystallization of the power system of the tensile testing machine, and it is also the key point of the case promotion. On the one hand, it can improve the AI auxiliary ability of '206 system' and greatly reduce the repeated work of various case handling organs 。” Wu Haiyin said

looking at the major unjust, false and misjudged cases that have been corrected in recent years, there are three main reasons for their formation: first, the existence of illegal evidence; Second, the examination of evidence is not comprehensive and rigorous; Third, there are differences, limitations and subjectivity in the personal judgments of case handlers

"The '206 system' is a complete criminal intelligent auxiliary case handling system. From the practice of Shanghai, its comprehensive application in all stages is smooth and quite effective. Its application not only assists the front-line police to handle cases in a solid manner, but also assists the procuratorial organs to improve the accuracy and efficiency of review and prosecution. In particular, it is worth mentioning that it can finally assist the judges to identify facts, identify evidence and protect in court trials The right of action and fair adjudication ensure that the guilty are justly punished and the innocent are not criminally prosecuted, so as to effectively prevent the occurrence of unjust, false and wrong cases. " Guoweiqing said

strive to be the world leader

in the past two years, in order to complete the research and development task of "206 system" assigned by the central political and Legal Commission, Shanghai has successively transferred more than 400 personnel from the courts, procuratorates and public security organs, and the partner "iFLYTEK" has almost devoted all of its resources, transferring more than 300 scientific and technological personnel to focus on key issues

according to statistics, the scientific research team has overcome five types of difficulties, broken through four types of technical bottlenecks, solved more than 800 specific problems, and obtained six intellectual property rights. By the end of 2018, the handling of criminal cases involving frequent charges in Shanghai had been implemented from filing, investigation, reporting of arrest to prosecution and trial. The public security organ had recorded a total of more than 24800 cases, the Procuratorate approved 8811 arrests, the procuratorate reviewed 7442 prosecutions, the court received 4812 cases, and the court concluded 3438 cases

in addition, according to the unified deployment of the Central Commission of political science and law, since May 2018, the "206 system" has also carried out pilot work in many provinces and cities across the country, and is currently progressing smoothly

cuiyadong, Secretary of the Party group and President of the Shanghai law society, is one of the main founders of the "206 system". Two years ago, he personally served as the leader of the "206 system" project leading group when he was the president of the Shanghai high court. In the process of research and development, he did everything in detail

"No matter what happens, we don't know how difficult it is. Artificial intelligence provides a major historical opportunity for judicial reform and judicial progress. The successful development and application practice of '206 system' fully proves that this major decision is of historic, strategic and milestone significance. Its in-depth application in the judicial field has achieved a historic breakthrough from 0 to 1, marking the progress of China's judicial justice, judicial civilization and judicial credibility up to 0.001 ⑴ 000mm/min Steps and improvements have opened up a new way for modern science and technology to help judicial reform and solve the problems of judicial reform. " Cui Yadong said

in the past, China was a "runner" in some important scientific and technological fields, but in the new round of scientific and technological revolution with artificial intelligence as the core technology, China is changing to a "runner" and a "leader". In particular, the application of artificial intelligence in the judicial field and the advent and application of Shanghai "206 system" indicate that China is taking the lead in this field and striving to be the "leader" in the world

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