It is said that iPhone will replace the built-in S

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It is said that the iPhone will replace safari with the built-in Skyfire browser. There is only one browser in the iPhone, safari. But you know, maybe we can use another browser on the iPhone right away, Skyfire, which has passed the accelerated aging test results of 6000 to 20000 hours. Skyfire is a smart browser that supports flash video and other media

we have known that Skyfire lab has been developing the iPhone platform for some time. The company confirmed that the app store is quite satisfied with their products. However, when it can pass the audit and be put on the shelves is still unknown


this news is not official news, but disclosed by insiders. Skyfire has now entered the final testing stage of iPhone platform development, and Apple will put this type approved product on the shelves at the weekly meeting early next year. Of course, we don't know all the details at present. What is the working principle of the experimental machine? What should I pay attention to when using? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction to these two issues, which is very clear. Small (4) design of control equipment (switching bear

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