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China has achieved the scale production of independently advanced nuclear grade zirconium materials for the first time.

it was learned from CNNC on the 25th that China's first independently developed zirconium alloy material that meets the requirements of three generations of nuclear power - CF3 nuclear fuel assembly N36 zirconium alloy material batch production. The first batch of products successfully went offline and passed the acceptance, and will be used in CF3 nuclear fuel element manufacturing. This marks that China has broken the core technology link of foreign long-term monopoly and taken another solid step on the road of large-scale application of nuclear grade zirconium alloy materials

fuel assembly is the core of nuclear reactor, and its safety and reliability largely depend on zirconium alloy cladding

zirconium alloy material is the key structural material of nuclear reactor core. As the "bone" and "skin" of fuel assemblies, zirconium alloy is known as the "first safety barrier" of nuclear reactors, which is very important for the safe and stable operation of nuclear power plants and is one of the important indicators to evaluate the R & D level of fuel assemblies Take the average value of many experiments to judge whether the quality of shoelaces is qualified. For a long time, zirconium alloy materials for fuel assemblies of domestic nuclear power plants have basically relied on imports. Zirconium alloy materials have become the main bottleneck restricting the development of China's nuclear fuel industry and the main weakness of the nuclear fuel industry

in order to eliminate bottlenecks and make up for weaknesses, in 2010, CNNC launched a key science and technology special project "pressurized water reactor component design technology", which will only lead to a false investigation. It is clear that CF3 takes the new cladding material N36 zirconium alloy as the breakthrough, and the development of N36 zirconium alloy tube and bar is the main research content of the special project

over the past eight years, CNPE has successfully mastered the complete N36 zirconium alloy engineering preparation technology with independent intellectual property rights through six major stages of technical research. It has been put into the reactor for the first time since 2012. After the on-board operation test and pool side inspection of multiple batches of characteristic components and pilot components, it has been proved that the material performance is excellent and fully meets the design requirements, which will make the manufacturing of aircraft wings and automobile bodies faster, more environmentally friendly and more cost-effective, Having mass production should be the main purpose of our development

on October 23, 2017, Western New Zirconium signed the "N36 zirconium alloy tube and bar manufacturing technology transfer contract" with the China nuclear power academy, opening a new journey of nuclear grade zirconium alloy industrialization

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