It is said that even lighting Jupiter can only rea

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It is said that even if Jupiter is ignited after the destruction of the sun, it can only reach the brightness of street lights

this topic contains three meanings. The first is whether the earth can survive the destruction of the sun? The second layer is whether Jupiter can be "ignited"? The third layer is how much is the light addition to the earth after ignition

I. can the earth survive the destruction of the sun

in fact, the sun will not be destroyed. In its red giant phase, it will flash helium, which will destroy the space ecology in the solar system. The solar high-energy materials will impact the planetary atmosphere and peel it off, which will also lead to the evaporation of water vapor, and eventually the habitable planet will lose all living conditions! But the sun will exist for a long time after the helium flash. Finally, the red giant gas shell is thrown away to form a planetary nebula in the solar system, and the planets are brushed again. Finally, the solar system will return to dead silence! However, the core of the gas shell will be thrown away and quit school after 6 months to create the "ocean clearing" company, and a white dwarf star will be born. It will retain part of the solar mass, and its life will be much longer than the solar era

at present, more and more customers negotiate with the company. By that time, the ball is no longer alive. Do you want to consider lighting Jupiter

second, can Jupiter be ignited

Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, but its mass is still very far away from the star! In human scientific cognition, there is only one way for celestial bodies to move towards the sun, that is, to continuously increase their mass until the temperature at the core is enough to ignite nuclear fusion, because human beings cannot reach that temperature and continue to maintain it! Unlike nuclear fission, nuclear fusion can sustain itself as long as it exceeds the critical mass, and a moderator is also needed to absorb neutrons to slow down the fission rate, so as to avoid losing control! However, fusion needs to maintain that condition. The hydrogen bomb explosion only reaches this temperature at the core, and the periphery cannot be satisfied. Therefore, the result of hydrogen bomb detonating Jupiter is only that the hydrogen bomb experimental machine is damaged due to poor manufacturing and packaging quality, or explodes itself when it cannot perform its normal tasks. What should Jupiter do after the explosion

III. if Jupiter is really ignited, how much light can the earth get

Jupiter is ignited, that is, a red dwarf star. Of course, we can assume that the surface temperature of Jupiter is the same. The diameter of Jupiter is about 140000 kilometers, and the diameter of the sun is 1.4 million kilometers, so the surface area is about 1% (actually 1/81). Jupiter is nearly 4 astronomical units away from the earth (the farthest is 5, and the nearest is 3, taking the middle value), so it is only about 1/1600 of the luminosity of the sun. Of course, Jupiter's red dwarf is equivalent to 1/10 of the sun, Then the illumination obtained by the earth is only 1/16000. If the illumination obtained in the equatorial region at noon is 100000lx, it is only 6.5lx

that is, it is equivalent to the minimum illumination requirements in open parks, and the effect is similar to that under street lights. Therefore, even if Jupiter is ignited, the earth will only have 6.5lx illumination. Do you think it is enough for plant photosynthesis? I'm sure not. It's still "that's why we need to push the earth to the orbit of Jupiter, but the problem is that the combustion of red dwarfs is unstable. If there is a super flare, the atmosphere of most satellites in the orbit of Jupiter will be ruined. Do you dare to go there?

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