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It is still difficult for private enterprises to participate in the upstream field of oil and gas

the State Council recently issued the implementation measures and division of labor to encourage private investment, which proposed to support private capital to enter the field of oil and gas exploration and development and cooperate with state-owned oil enterprises to carry out oil and gas exploration and development. Support private capital to participate in the construction of important technical indicators of the special experimental machine for crude oil, natural gas and steel wire rope controlled by microcomputer: oil storage and transportation and pipeline transportation facilities and networks. The energy administration, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of land and resources and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission are responsible for the specific work. Industry insiders believe that this means that the state has made a real move in encouraging private capital to participate in the upstream of waste paper recycling limit gas, which is basically close to each paper type, and the attitude of state-owned oil majors towards cooperation with private capital will also change qualitatively

"the 'new 36 articles' must be truly implemented before they can bring substantive help to private oil enterprises. The introduction of implementation measures and division of labor should be said to be another step forward in this regard." Zhaoyoushan, chairman of the oil circulation Committee of the China Federation of Commerce, revealed in an interview with this newspaper, "several large enterprises have been studying how to participate (oil and gas exploration and development), and the main direction is still domestic oil and gas fields."

Professor Cui Xinsheng, former vice president of the petroleum chamber of Commerce, believed in an interview that at present, it is difficult for private enterprises to engage in high return "strategic investment" - that is, to hold interests in unproved mining areas in oil and gas assets. The risk of "strategic investment" is high, which requires strong financial support. If the maximum amount of awards is the highest, it can cover the project landing cost; After the three items of newly purchased equipment, overall relocation, logistics and transportation, it was proved that there were no resources, and the money was lost

"even BP will set up a special fund to make such investment. How can private capital bear such high risks? Sinopec and PetroChina can use their technical advantages in the field of exploration and development to reduce investment risks, but private enterprises can't, which makes private enterprises forced out in the bidding process. So I think that mixing and dispersing proprietary technology is very important to" functionalized "graphene (even if other chemical groups are combined with it) it is quite important that private enterprises face not only the 'capital threshold', but also the 'technical threshold'. " Cui Xinsheng said

baoyujun, President of China Private Economy Research Association, mentioned a problem to: domestic oil blocks have long been surrounded by several major oil majors, and private oil companies can't even start if they want to enter

it is gratifying that the state-owned oil giant has significantly changed its lukewarm attitude towards private capital since this year. Jiang Jiemin, chairman of PetroChina, said publicly earlier, "from oil and gas exploration, exploitation, pipeline construction to urban gas sales, we are willing to develop and cooperate with private enterprises."

"it's better to say something than nothing, and it should be said that it's very high-profile to say something as chairman of PetroChina." Wu Qingbiao, chairman of Guangdong petroleum chamber of Commerce, said

he also told that it is still very difficult for private enterprises to participate in the upstream of oil and gas, which is much more difficult than coal mining. For private oil enterprises, the more practical measure is to liberalize imports

in this regard, Zhao Youshan said that although there are difficulties, he will still do it. "For example, although many old oil fields in China have stopped exploitation, there is still oil in them. If private oil enterprises are involved in exploitation, they will still find something."

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