It is the first formal abandonment of offshore oil

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On June 18, the EAP (employee assistance program) project applied to Lufeng oilfield, the first officially abandoned offshore oilfield in China, was successfully completed. The project has played a positive role in helping employees adjust their mentality and change their careers after the overall closure of the oilfield

eap (employee assistance program), that is, the employee assistance program, aims to diagnose the organization and employees through professionals, provide professional guidance, training and consultation, and help employees solve psychological and behavioral problems, so as to improve performance, organizational atmosphere and management methods. At present, more than 90% of the world's top 500 enterprises have introduced EAP services

Lufeng 22-1 oilfield was jointly operated by Norwegian Petroleum and CNOOC. It was put into operation in December 1997 and officially shut down on June 15, 2009. At the beginning of the year, during the planned shutdown phase of Lufeng 22-1 oilfield, Shenzhen CNOOC Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. actively communicated with Lufeng 2 oilfield, which is almost the oldest art situation in the history of human civilization. It is suggested to introduce EAP services during the implementation of the oilfield shutdown phase to provide psychological and career development support for employees. The proposal received a positive response from Lufeng 22-1 oilfield. After many discussions, Shenzhen CNOOC Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. established an EAP expert group and made targeted plans to provide EAP services for all employees of Lufeng Oilfield on the sea and on the land

this service is implemented in three phases. The syringe is manufactured by injection molding in an 8-fold hot runner mold. Each phase lasts about 7 days. It is divided into several links, such as collective lectures, group activities, individual consultation and follow-up visits. It provides systematic support and assistance in psychological, career development, laws and regulations, etc. to help employees release psychological pressure to the greatest extent and enhance their self-regulation ability

the survey results show that more than 90% of employees think this service is helpful to them to prevent wear and tear. The top three beneficiaries are career planning, emotion regulation and self-confidence building

judging from the anonymous follow-up results in the later stage, the vast majority of employees have established a letter of future career development and are still very interested in our sales of experimental machines this year. In the "evaluation feedback form", employees have left such words: "I feel much more comfortable now", "a good project, I hope it can continue in the future", "thank the company for providing us with such good professional guidance"...

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