It is the fault that the oil pressure is too high

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Troubleshooting of high oil pressure after the diesel engine starts to the rated speed

fault analysis:

high oil pressure is an abnormal phenomenon in the normal operation of diesel engine. It not only increases the power consumption of the diesel engine, but also is detrimental to the lubrication of the moving parts of the diesel engine. During the operation of the diesel engine, if the oil pressure is too high, it will be difficult to maintain a good lubricating oil film, and a large amount of oil will be lost from the edge of the bearing bush and other parts, so that the internal lubrication conditions of the diesel engine and the lubrication conditions can be automatically controlled, Most of the crankshaft flies during the rotation process. With the overall quality gap of different brands of cars shrinking, it is easy to convert metal into plastic. The simple use of long glass fiber composites has been completed. The oil splashed on the cylinder wall increases, which is easy to make the oil rush into the combustion chamber, causing more carbon deposition in the combustion chamber and blue smoke in the exhaust. Too high oil pressure will also accelerate the aging of oil pipes or damage the sealing gaskets of oil filters and other places

fault cause:

1 the oil viscosity is high

2 the oil pressure gauge is inaccurate

3 the external pressure limiting valve of the diesel engine is improperly adjusted

4 the steel ball or small piston in the oil pressure regulating valve is stuck


this is a 6135a diesel engine. After three-level maintenance, the oil pressure did not drop to the specified value within 20 minutes after it was moved to the rated speed. The diesel engine can be restored to normal by the following methods

1 check the oil viscosity, which is normal

2 after the diesel engine stops running, observe whether the reading of the oil pressure gauge is accurate, and it is found that there is no abnormality

3 open the pressure limiting cap of the oil strainer and adjust the pressure reduction of the pressure limiting valve. After adjustment, start the diesel engine and observe that the reading of the oil pressure gauge is normal. (end)

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