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Meizu's failure to cooperate with China Mobile is a smart move

Huang Zhang, Meizu's boss, accused China Mobile of being a bad force on the issue of customized machines, which is obviously inaccurate. China Mobile has not reached the point of being a bad force, but this force is larger, leaving manufacturers helpless. Although they have opinions, they dare to be angry and dare not speak. Meizu Huang Zhang dared to lift the cover, which made him feel like an egg hitting a stone, but this collision was still very smart. Of course, manufacturers all want to take advantage of the situation to fly. It is a good way to cooperate with operators to infer that machine manufacturing is a good way, but this is like a white horse. You can cooperate, and others can. If there are more manufacturers who want to cooperate, the advantages of operators will be highlighted. These are the channel resources. Who will give them or not? Then raise the threshold. The way China Mobile adopts is to formulate a set of standards, start with the products of the dye manufacturers, accumulate their own brands, and squeeze the manufacturers economically. Drive you to the corner, and then give you some sweets. China Mobile has channel advantages. It would rather lose a large piece of 3G business than compromise with apple. Naturally, it will not bow to you, a small domestic manufacturer. If you are apple, you can also achieve large-scale sales figures without China Mobile, and you will not yield to the harsh requirements of China Mobile. But the problem is, China Mobile or China Mobile, Meizu is not apple, so there is the bombardment of the weak Huang Zhang against the strong. This is not a small matter, and it will certainly shake the business model of China Mobile. For Meizu, a manufacturer that focuses on fever and user experience and carefully cultivates brand image, the sales volume is not large after all. In addition, AD converter said that it is inappropriate to cooperate with China Mobile, which will damage brand value. The harsh standards of China Mobile mentioned by Huang Zhang, including more than 100 changes and installing a lot of junk apps, are essentially a standard applicable to the whole industry and match the overall development of the industry. If manufacturers think their development level is higher than the average standard, it is best not to enter that set, because the gains may outweigh the losses. This is also applicable to Xiaomi and other companies that have initially established their brand image. At present, China Mobile TD-SCDMA is developing well. This year, the sales volume of customized machine terminals is about 60million. In some provinces and cities, customized machines have accounted for 80% of the market share. This is a powerful channel, but the manufacturer does not bleed, and the maintenance measures of the controller do not accept harsh conditions, so it is definitely impossible to enter. Moreover, China Mobile is constantly reducing the profit margin of manufacturers, and even plans to launch its own customized machines that are much lower than the market price, which is simply a replica of the world's factory game. Now manufacturers can only face a dangerous situation. If they join, they will die slowly, and if they don't join, they will die immediately. Meizu wisely chose the latter, but it is not necessarily going to die soon, and it still leaves a lot of hope for itself. Unlike Shanzhai machine manufacturers, enterprises like Meizu still need some brand premium when selling. Flyme developed by ourselves, loyal fan groups, brand image taking the medium and high-end route, etc. These things outside the hardware configuration are an important source of profits for Meizu. If we cooperate with China Mobile and accept that set of harsh standards, we will undoubtedly be affected in the user experience, lower our brand image, and completely give up Meizu's brand premium. This is like selling yourself to Meizu, but the key problem is that you can't get money. In fact, if you look at the whole incident, you will find that the key problem is that Meizu cooperates with China Mobile, and the lack of money is the key problem, while what Huang Zhang publicly said is another thing. Pre installed apps celebrate the successful completion of the 2014 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic technology in medical products in the industry! Internal is a hidden rule. No matter operators or channel providers, as long as they can have this opportunity, everyone wants to touch some money, and China Mobile is no exception. As for the harsh revision standards, Meizu doesn't necessarily care about it, otherwise it won't talk about cooperation. After the price negotiation fails and the cooperation breaks down, it is of great significance for the whole industry to uncover the hidden rules and say what others dare not say. First of all, China Mobile's centralized purchase price policy, including cooperation policy, has a significant impact on the profit margin of manufacturers, and more importantly, it will damage the brand reputation of manufacturers taking the medium and high-end route. Some practices of China Mobile do have problems. The channel hegemony is strong, which is learned from apple and is not worth advocating. Apple's initial cooperation policy with operators was to charge 20% to 30% of the telecom business profits of operators. After that, the policy was unsustainable, so Apple proposed a one-time subsidy of $600 for each one by operators and a subsidy condition for buyers. China Mobile did not accept this condition, so the cooperation between the two sides broke down and Unicom won the peach. However, Apple's policy is unpopular. It has begun to face investigations in the United States and the European Union, and may be further adjusted in the future. After suffering from Apple's losses, China Mobile applied this set to its suppliers. As a telecom service operator, it's OK to install several apps in China with the advantage of channel, and it's also necessary to make standardized modifications to the manufacturer's products, which has obviously stretched out too far, reversed the positioning as a service provider, and become a true overlord of the manufacturer. This is very unfavorable for industrial development. Meizu gave up its cooperation with China Mobile, which means it also gave up the opportunity to double its sales. Whether its own capacity is sufficient is not the key. It does not want to devalue the brand, and the decline in profit margin is the important consideration. At this stage, the channel of China Mobile is obviously not suitable for Meizu. Since the cooperation is not successful, it is better to uncover the cover, which will not only help to improve its brand image, but also combat China Mobile's unpopular policies, and also use the whole society's aversion to monopoly to win more supporters. As for whether the future cooperation between Meizu and China Mobile will be damaged in the overall weight of the bicycle, if both sides are profitable, who will refuse to cooperate. China Mobile is not CCTV, nor is Meizu Chen Peisi. Meizu Huang Zhang's bombardment of China Mobile is reckless and smart

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