Top ten industrial robot brands in the world

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Raise the mysterious veil and look coldly at the top ten industrial robot brands in the world

raise the mysterious veil and look coldly at the top ten industrial robot brands in the world

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original title: raise the mysterious veil and look coldly at the top ten industrial robot brands in the world

China is experiencing a shift from labor-intensive to intelligent industrial, and industrial robots are an important symbol of industry 4.0. Nowadays, there is an upsurge of popularizing robots in all walks of life, and soo56 also pays special attention to the changes in this field

in the 21st century, China's economy has entered a period of rapid development, surpassing Germany and Japan to become the world's second largest economy. However, it is undeniable that the scientific and technological heritage of the United States, Japan and Germany is ahead of most countries in the world, especially the R & D and manufacturing level of industrial robots is much higher than that of China

in the world's industrial robot industry, there are four families of industrial robots, abb in Switzerland, KUKA in Germany, FANUC in Japan and Yaskawa electric. These four giants play an important role in the Asian market. It occupies more than 60% of the market share of China's robot industry and monopolizes high-level fields such as robot manufacturing and welding. According to the preliminary investigation of soo56, KUKA's products meet the application requirements of products with the highest quality grade, while ABB's highest price is Europe's favorite. FANUC's cost performance is outstanding, and Yaskawa's CP value is high

among them, with the radical development of the automotive industry, the large and medium plates of Germany's Kure are still out of tolerance. Timecard robots appear in the automatic production lines of many car companies, such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, general motors, Ford, Porsche, Harley and so on

according to the data of 2017, the top ten robot brands in the world have carved up 90% of the market. Calm down, we are really surprised by the development of Japanese industrial technology. Among the top ten robot brands in the world, Japan actually occupies five seats. The only surprise is that China's Xinsong has entered the ranks of the world's top ten for the first time. Xinsong robot is widely used in automobile and auto parts, engineering machinery, rail transit, low-voltage electrical appliances, electric power, IC equipment, military industry, tobacco, finance, medicine, metallurgy, printing and publishing industries. Motion control technology involves path accuracy, motion speed, cycle time, programmable design, etc. it is the key to manufacturing a high-performance, fully automatic tensile testing machine system, which is mainly composed of computer control system, hydraulic system, force measuring mechanism and sensor, and workbench. It is reported that China has established 10 special research institutes, and robot companies have carried out in-depth cooperation with domestic universities to focus on the research and development of motion control systems. Glsc2018 conference will have more wonderful content to show

how to stand out in a market with strong players? Gain market share? In the field of new energy, we try to overtake in corners. Can the robot field succeed? China's robot industry has a long way to go. Robots have more and more obvious advantages in industrial manufacturing. Friends interested in such products can pay attention to the follow-up reports of soo56. Or, sign up for glsc2018, get together on August 29, global supply, so customers, you need to know in detail whether we really choose our chain conference in the future, and get the latest and most comprehensive industry information in one step

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