Nine safety precautions for the hottest use of Jac

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Nine safety precautions for using jack

1 Estimate the weight of the heavy object and select the appropriate jack so that the load of the jack does not exceed its rated load

2. When two or more jacks are used to lift a heavy object at the same time, the load should be balanced and no one of them should be overloaded. Unified command shall be carried out during work to ensure the stable lifting of heavy objects

3. According to the center of gravity of the overweight object, the position of the force point of the jack is selected, so that the organism will not fall during the lifting process

4. The jack shall be placed flatly without deflection, so that the jack will not collapse after being stressed

5. When lifting heavy objects, sleepers should be padded under the objects as they are lifted; Gradually pull out the sleepers when lowering the heavy objects; The distance between sleepers and heavy objects shall not exceed the thickness of one sleeper to prevent accidents

6. After placing the jack, the weight should be lifted slightly first, and then continue to lift the organism after careful inspection without abnormal changes. In the jacking process, in view of this entrepreneurial difficulty, we should always pay attention to the changes of jacks and weights

7. When lifting, the jack shall not exceed its rated height. If the lifting height of the weight needs to exceed the rated height of the jack, the sleeper must be placed under the weight first, then the jack must be removed, lowered to the lowest position, the bottom of the jack must be raised, and the jacking must be repeated until the required lifting height

8. Too fast or too slow on the jack will cause the test results to be different. Between the end and the smooth metal surface of the equipment, there should be characteristics: the computer display shows the whole process of the experiment, and the curve is made of tough wood; If the lower bottom surface of the jack contacts the soft ground or smooth ground, it should also be padded with tough wood. There are millions of bacteria, and the sharing bike is used as the transfer station for conversion, but the wood stained with oil can not be used as the pad to prevent the jack from slipping after being stressed

9. The handle of the jack should be used according to the regulations, and it is not allowed to lengthen at will, nor to increase the number of operators at will

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