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Nine reasons and Countermeasures for corrugated board being flattened

If corrugated board is flattened, it will seriously affect the pressure change of the board, It will also directly affect the empty box compression of ink "> cartons. There are many reasons for paperboard flattening, which will be analyzed and solved one by one below.

1. Reasons

1. The corrugating rollers are not parallel (corrugating tilt) ;

2. The corrugating height is low, or the corrugating roller is worn

3. After the formation of corrugated, it is expected to be flattened by 2025

4. The tension on the core paper roll is too large

5. Because the spray device sprays too much steam, the core paper is too wet

6. The gluing device causes the corrugation and flattening of any bite point

7. The use of high molecular materials in the upper and lower conveyor belts of double-sided machines has penetrated into all aspects of human life, and the force is uneven (oblique corrugated)

8. Low flat and flattened corrugated

9. The compression value of core paper is too low

2. Measures

1 Adjust the corrugating roll to be parallel

2. Replace the corrugated roll

3. Check, adjust or repair all bite points that may cause flattening corrugation, such as the cross cutter paper guide roller, paper pressing roller or hot plate pressure system is not parallel or its thermal conductivity is lower than that of extruded polystyrene board, or the applied pressure is too large, there is tension on one side of the paper web on the overpass, and the problem of raising and lowering the conveyor belt

4. Reduce the braking of the base paper holder; Check the position of the preprocessor

5. Reduce the amount of steam sprayed on the core paper

6. Reduce the glue amount gap between single-sided paperboard and face paper

7. Keep the conveyor belt speed consistent

8. Check the factors that cause the corrugation flattening after the formation of corrugation, and check the reasons for the inclination of corrugation

9. Replace the core paper roll and discuss with the base paper supplier 10 The electronic tensile testing machine has the function of demonstrating historical test data

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