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Nine security trends worthy of attention at RSA 2018 conference

as RSA 2018 is about to open, we discussed some trends they expected to hear at this year's conference with executives from five well-known network security suppliers participating in this conference

rsa 2018 what to expect

the annual RSA conference has gone through 25 years, from a small cryptography conference to one of the largest network security activities in the world. Last year, more than 43000 people attended

this year, more than 550 companies showed their latest progress and innovation in the two exhibition halls of the Moscone center in San Francisco. Startups with seed funds and platform security giants who have developed for decades hope to have an impact on this conference

as RSA 2018 was about to open, we discussed some trends they expected to hear at this year's conference with executives from five well-known network security providers who participated in the conference

from Threat Intelligence and security deployment, to Devops and hackers, the following is what security professionals are concerned about at this year's RSA conference

there is no longer a safety island

Adam Bosnian, executive vice president of cyberark global business development, said that emerging manufacturers talk and solve specific problems in specific environments, such as cloud, mobile or IOT

bosnian said that 2500 security start-ups have received financial support in the past four years, so now enterprises will feel very headache when they find that they have to face more than 80 security vendors, which is becoming more and more painful for customers, and has stretched their energy and coverage to the limit

therefore, Bosnian believes that customers are choosing to move from a single safety island to a supplier that can solve problems in a variety of environments

only defense is not enough

according to mimecast global for your reference only: Julian Martin, vice president of channels and operations, enterprise organizations are seeking to develop their network security strategy to not only defense, but also to solve problems such as remediation and business continuity

according to Martin, customers want to get rid of the idea of the arms race, that is, they adopt new anti-virus or anti spam protection measures, rather than just find solutions around these measures

Martin said that on the contrary, elasticity has become the focus, and enterprises choose products that reduce business disruption and increase the risk of market skill gap

security process management becomes the core

recorded future global channel director David Sauer believes that a large number of hot topics and acquisitions are being made in the field of security process management, which is mainly due to the time-saving potential of security process management technology

Sauer said that security process management technology can attract enterprises that want to do more in security, not just make their enterprises headlines because of security issues. He said that those teams that attach importance to time saving and obtain high-quality data (such as security operations center, SOC), event response and vulnerability management will focus on security process management

from the perspective of solution providers, security process management technology provides powerful professional services and opportunities to integrate and simplify products from different manufacturers

integrate security into Devops

cyber?? Scott Whitehouse, vice president of ark channel and alliance, believes that Devops method is increasingly favored by users, because Devops allows programmers to make software faster, so that enterprise organizations can see their first revenue faster

but Whitehouse said that developers tend to take the most direct and fastest way to complete projects, rather than participate in them as they should

whitehouse believes that both manufacturers and solution providers must address the risks brought about by the rapid development of Devops production, and ensure that the programming model is more secure

vulnerability management is on the rise again.

Scott Todaro, vice president of marketing at recorded future, said that enterprises that want to continuously respond to security threats will eventually be in deep trouble

todaro said that fortunately, the tools related to vulnerability management are becoming more and more perfect, allowing people to better understand the technology most commonly used by saboteurs. Todaro said that as for vulnerability management, enterprises are exploring best practices and the latest technologies, and the old ones may be revitalized

therefore, Todaro said that the company is making more investments in machine learning and natural language processing, so that analysts and security operations center (SOC) operators can see more data related to them, so as to make them more responsive

from prevention to detection

cyber?? Israel Barak, chief information security officer of Eason, said that enterprises are increasingly aware that they need to make plans to deal with intrusion

Barak said that so far, most enterprise organizations have built prevention capabilities around security strategies to prevent intruders from accessing the network. However, as the bypass risk becomes more and more serious, enterprises are now beginning to realize the need to formulate a plan for investment flexibility and in-depth protection

Barak said that in addition to compliance, solution providers need to seek the experience and ability to discuss how to manage risks with customers

in a word, Barak said that the whole industry is shifting its focus from trying to stop threats to letting users find threats as soon as possible and then come up with appropriate response plans

the rise of capitalist hackers

according to Dan schiappa, senior vice president and general manager of end user and network security of Sophos, the rise of hacker tools means that bad characters no longer need superb technology to succeed

schiappa said that the shadow brokers hacker tools and other things obtained from NSA have been leveraged and monetized to form a cloud based malware-as-a-service product. Schiappa said that anyone with money and bad intentions could cause serious damage

schiappa said: they are criminals, and they only want to make money

Schiappa said that at the time of the rise of capitalist hackers, the productization of hacker tools was crucial. Schiappa said that compared with five years ago, this is a huge change. Five years ago, enterprise organizations were more concerned about hacker activities from organizations like anonymous

ensure the security of automated tasks

cyber?? UDI mokady, CEO of ark, said that more and more traditional people-centered tasks have been automated, thanks to the application of executive management tasks and the improvement of robot process automation

but these automated tasks may be as fragile as humans in the traditional world. Therefore, mokady said that hackers are increasingly focusing on applications and tasks that require privileged access

mokady said that as customers begin to run applications in new and modern infrastructure (such as cloud), manufacturers are increasingly required to manage applications from the beginning

use threat intelligence to determine security priorities

christopher ahlber, CEO of recorded future, gives priority to this indicator. G said that many people are still using ancient, complex and highly diversified systems that may be very good and whose product quality and technical level are also constantly improving, and hackers only need to find a vulnerability

Ahlberg said that there are usually many old technologies in the ecosystem of enterprises, so it may be very difficult for these enterprises to adopt more modern technologies (such as real-time updates). Because press the "start" key to start the electromechanical start loading, enterprises are looking for technologies that can automate and prioritize defense based on intelligence

intelligence can help enterprises determine what updates they must make. Ahlberg said that this is very important, because updating all the contents at one time may cause the system to be out of sync, which will cause great trouble

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