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Nine shortcuts to the success of e-commerce in small and medium-sized enterprises

e-commerce often gives people a feeling that it is almost impossible to reach. How to succeed in the network? Here are some ways to introduce to you:

1. Facing enterprises

Dell computer company has become a perfect model of e-commerce among enterprises. The reason why it can become a big role is that it can take the direct selling method of thinking about customers wholeheartedly and use its network to strengthen it. Dell's main weapon is the "homepage" program for more than 5000 American companies. When Dell wins an enterprise customer with more than 400 people, it will set up a home page for that customer, let employees configure personal computers, pay, track delivery, so that customers can immediately get technical support and contact sales personnel

2. Establish the company's intranet

budmathaisel, the former CIO of Ford Motor Company, believes that the most precious thing of the company is not the earliest t-car or the most popular new "Jaguar" car, but 500000 product design resources, production management tools and strategic information assets on Ford's huge intranet

3. Simplify the supply chain

Pitney Bowles is the world's leading manufacturer of postage machines

in order to accurately predict demand and minimize inventory on the account, Pitney Bowles adopts a network product called vendorsite. Through vendorsite, suppliers can see what Pitney ordered, how many products they have on hand, and how much they need in the next year

4. Network recruitment

in order to win in the fierce talent competition, Shengyang company has formulated a recruitment plan extending from the inside to the outside of the company. It starts with the company's intranet, so that employees can see the jobs they recruit every day and quickly recommend them to the person in charge of recruitment through email

the recruiters of Shengyang company also formulated a strategy of looking for talents. They published advertisements on the sites where talents often log in, connecting the company's address with the addresses of 35 universities, and constantly mining talents

5. Retain network roaming

to attract customers or advertisers to your station, you must be attractive. So what is the key to building stickiness? First of all, you need a loud brand that can attract the community you want to fight for. The next step towards stickiness is to add personalization. Free email, sending the latest news to the pager, and having your own stock quote home page - these are personalized projects

6. Direct selling

NEXTER credit card company, established in 1996, is a company in San Francisco that only sells credit cards on the Internet. In the past three years, it has developed rapidly and has become one of the leading distributors on the Internet

the success of NEXTER credit card company begins with two managers: the marketing team of Springer, the marketing director, solicits customers to apply for credit cards; Caiyinzhi's decision analysis team, the deputy general manager, establishes an advanced model and automatically makes suggestions according to the specific conditions of each applicant. As a result, NEXTER has a rigorous system of direct selling that is rare in the Internet world

7. Sales to consumers

Amazon is a leading consumer electricity business station with a view to helping cosmetics manufacturers and cosmetics packaging supply enterprises in packaging inspection and quality control. It is famous for customer satisfaction, booming business (1998 sales of $610million) and extremely high market value. Customers flock to Amazon's station not only because it has a wide variety of goods, the site is easy to browse, shrewdly uses e-mail to promote and serve customers, and is good at recommending products according to customers' personal conditions, but also because of its distinctive innovation ability - to come up with new ways to deal with customers, so as to make it more green and more competitive

8. Customer service

Federation is also an effective means to improve the ecological environment. The express company cosmos information has a history of 20 years and has been tracking packages for Korean TLC customer agents dealing with emergencies. A program called internetship helps enterprise customers handle all their transportation needs without picking them up. The company even installed network access equipment for the service agent, because this enables the agent to have better tools to track packages and guide customers to the package collection location

9. Coordinate finance

with a few clicks of the mouse, enter the password, and Carter, the chief financial officer of San Jose Cisco, can call out his company's revenue, gross profit, orders, discounts for these orders, and the top ten customers. Financial figures that used to take several weeks to collect and check are now automatically collected as part of business operations, which not only reduces the need for accountants, but also helps companies respond more quickly to market changes and competitive threats

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