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The correct estimation of the amount of paint for home decoration

the correct estimation of the amount of paint for home decoration

March 9, 2004

the amount of paint with the improvement of housing conditions, many families are painting a layer of colored paint on the white powder wall. "It is reported that before painting, the required paint should be estimated well, otherwise, more will cause waste, less will not be enough, and it is difficult to have the same color when adding material and water, A simple calculation method is introduced. Divide the room area by 4, multiply the height of the wall to be painted by 10 divided by 4, and the sum of the two is the kilograms of paint required. For example, if a room has an area of 20 square meters and the wall height is 1.6 meters (excluding the 1.2 meter dado), then it is (20 ÷ 4) + (16 ÷ 4) = 9, that is, 9 kg of paint can be painted twice. Amount of floor tiles. For example, the size of floor tiles is 30.5cm × 30.5cm, that is, about 10 floor tiles are required for each 1 square meter of floor, and then multiplied by the number of square meters of the room, that is, the number of blocks used. Because the cut floor tiles are often used for splicing at the edge of the floor, it is best to draw a sketch according to the floor size of the room first. While selecting the pattern, determine how many deep and shallow floor tiles are used respectively, and can accurately calculate how many pieces of whole floor tensile test machine are used. There are many kinds of adhesives used for sticking floor tiles, most of which have good permeability to ultraviolet radiation and are used for bonding rubber Plastic glue can be used. At present, 401 glue, 4116 glue, floor glue and other varieties are common in the market. Generally, a kilogram of floor tiles can be pasted with 4-6 square meters. If the amount is too much, the glue is easy to squeeze out from the cracks of the floor in the future to pollute the ground, which is difficult to clean. If less glue is used, the floor tiles will be separated from the ground after drying

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