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Reed Exhibitions group cooperates with American and Indian culture

the carton micro vision platform is online today

[China Packaging News] with the vigorous development of we media, people are more inclined to use mobile clients to read industry instant information. Recently, the carton micro vision (No.: zhixiangweishijie) jointly developed by the world's leading exhibition and conference organizers, the world's leading corrugated packaging manufacturing exhibition organizer lizhan Expo Group and Shanghai Meiyin Culture Communication Co., Ltd., a leading information service provider in China's packaging industry, with the purpose of spreading positive energy in the industry and promoting the harmonious development of the packaging industry, has been officially completed and launched today

as the organizer of the world's leading corrugated packaging manufacturing event, China International Corrugated exhibition and its sister exhibition, South China International Corrugated exhibition, Reed Exhibitions group has more than 100000 database resources in the corrugated box industry, with an exhibition scale of 67000 square meters; American Indian culture is not only the general planner of the core journal of China's packaging industry "carton world", but also the organizer of China International packaging products and materials exhibition. In addition, American Indian culture also shares the information of more than 5000 top packaging users in the country from the packaging manager magazine. The strong cooperation between the two enterprises will provide professional and abundant information for the carton micro vision platform

service object: upstream, middle and downstream groups in the carton packaging industry and industry stakeholders

sending frequency: six times a day, sent at 12:30 noon every day

column introduction:

1 Data observation: paper market, carton price, enterprise profit margin, equipment startup rate, product structure proportion, per capita output value and other industry data

value Description: through industry data observation, understand the real industry market dynamics and development status behind the data, and provide reference for the development of their own enterprises

2. Market information: paper industry information, users' packaging needs, domestic and foreign carton industry market information, new equipment release, economic development trends, industry hot spots, new factory establishment

value Description: through the most immediate information, quickly understand the hot spots and events that are happening in the industry, and spread the positive energy of the industry

3. Industry training: technical training, management training, overseas new technology, excellent leadership, new media creative marketing, business celebrity management concept, the establishment of a new factory

value description can also be regarded as a kind of extreme breadth of reference: through various professional training, improve enterprise management level and personal professional quality

4. The enterprise style category obtains the gloss value: supplier dynamics, carton user introduction, carton factory tour, personage interview, introduction to the global corrugated box Association

value Description: the introduction of representative enterprises and personages in the upper, middle and lower reaches of the carton industry chain will provide more enterprises and professionals with a new development idea and direction, and learn from others, so as to clarify the gains and losses

5. Leisure and entertainment: smart stories, ways to maintain health

value Description: smart stories illustrate the general truth through small stories, which imperceptibly affect our thoughts and concepts in leisure; And the way to maintain health is to provide a healthy lifestyle for us who work at a fast pace

deliver the latest and instant information of the industry, share advanced technology and management. After hydraulic pressure test, it must be tested 24 hours after the completion of bonding installation. It is believed that the carton micro vision industry will certainly become a new media platform for the carton industry to transmit pseudo robots, exoskeletons and other equipment to increase positive energy. Pay attention to the carton micro vision industry immediately and share the wonderful information of the industry

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