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Correct maintenance of imported constant temperature and humidity test chamber

imported constant temperature and humidity test chamber is a very mature testing equipment in the environmental testing instrument industry, which is applied to a wide range of industry fields and can meet the relevant test requirements of customers. Kunshan Haida instrument imported constant temperature and humidity test chamber has very advanced components, and it also needs to be properly operated and maintained to ensure the safety of personnel and the use of instruments. Energy saving lamp PBT material is heat-resistant, flame-retardant Toughening and yellowing resistance are the key research directions in this field

1. Please provide power within the rated voltage range before installing the equipment

2. In order to prevent accidents, please do not turn on the power supply of the equipment before the installation and wiring are completed

3. This product is non explosion-proof. Please do not use the constant temperature and humidity test chamber in the bad environment with combustible or explosive gases

4. Please try not to open the door of the test box during the operation of the equipment. Opening it at high temperature may cause scalding to the operator, and opening it at low temperature may cause frostbite to the staff, and may cause ice on the evaporator, affecting the refrigeration effect. If it must be opened, please take certain protective measures,

5. It is forbidden to disassemble, process, transform or repair the constant temperature and humidity test chamber without permission. It is planned to prevent abnormal action, electric shock, fire and other hazards by 2017

6. Keep the ventilation hole of the equipment unobstructed to avoid failure, abnormal action, life reduction and fire

7. During the installation and setting of the machine, pay attention not to let dust, thread ends, iron filings or other things enter, otherwise wrong actions or faults will occur

8. Regularly check the terminal screws and fixing brackets, and inspect the oil delivery valve of the equipment. It is applicable to the field environment and should not be used when the parts are loose

9. During the operation of the instrument, safety should be fully considered before modifying the setting, signal output, start, stop and other operations. Wrong operation will damage or malfunction the working equipment

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