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Red box launched cloud configurable recording service

leading voice platform red box announced today that it will expand its partnership with Microsoft and jointly launch its enterprise voice platform product conversa

red box is now a popular call service partner in the call information industry, participating in Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales and customer service services. This latest partnership expansion will enable it to occupy a unique new height in the enterprise voice business. This service integrates conversa audio processing capabilities in Microsoft azure and Microsoft AI, and is seamlessly supported by cloud and local call services that can be implemented smoothly and contactlessly

conversa's local self installation function, coupled with the support of azure cloud technology, will simplify the implementation of AI ready and real-time voice capture, serving organizations that need to obtain voice data

conversa can capture rich and high-quality voice data from every call of the whole company. According to the classification, it can be seen that the mainstream equipment is digital display impact testing machine and microcomputer controlled screen display impact testing machine, said Richard Stevenson, CEO of red box. With its market-leading, platform independent packaged architecture and free and open source application programming interface, conversa can provide organizations with data collection software that can be easily set up and downloaded, making it easier to access and control voice data in real time, so as to make full use of dialogue intelligence

red box also recently announced the launch of a compliance recording solution GA for Microsoft teams

conversa, as an automatically configured enterprise voice platform, will bring smooth customer experience. With 10 years of experience, Ray Smith, general manager of Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales, said. The combination of conversa and Microsoft Dynamics 365 sales dialog intelligence will enable organizations to quickly unlock and integrate existing call data, add it to their business applications or workflows, and provide real-time and executable analysis on information customer participation

about red box

red box is a leading dedicated voice expert to better meet the needs of the international and domestic steel market. It has more than 30 years of experience in helping organizations capture, protect enterprise wide voice and use its value. Converse developed by red box is the next generation and the first truly open enterprise voice platform based on microservices. The platform has a revolutionary event driven and globally scalable architecture, as well as a market leading infrastructure TCO and unlimited horizontal scalability

conversa provides mission critical flexible capture capabilities, which can capture rich and high-quality voice data and media in real time from any conversation, anywhere and on any platform, provide end-to-end data control capabilities for customers, and allow users to freely access the world's most extensive leading AI voice technology ecosystem

red box is trusted by many organizations, including leading organizations in the field of financial services, contact centers, government and public security departments (including six of the world's top banks, 85% of global brokers, 1700 call centers for replacing or repairing worn parts and more than 80% of British police). We capture and protect millions of call content for more than 3500 customers around the world every day

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