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Reducer: with the rise of domestic industrial robots, the industry has ushered in a period of rapid development

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▌ basic situation of the industry

reducers are mainly divided into gear reducers, RV reducers, planetary reducers

precision reducers, which are a kind of precision power transmission mechanism. They use the speed converter of gears to decelerate the rotation number of the motor to the desired rotation number, and get a larger torque device, so as to reduce the speed and increase the torque

precision reducer is the most important component of industrial robot. The core component of industrial robot motion is the joint, and different reducer products are used for each joint

according to different principles, precision reducers can be divided into gear reducers, RV reducers and planetary reducers

industrial robots generally use RV Reducer and harmonic reducer, among which harmonic reducer is a kind of gear reducer

the core components of industrial robots are mainly servo systems, controllers, and reducers that have passed the constitutional amendment in Turkey's referendum

according to the relevant data of the robot, the three core parts account for more than 70% of the cost of the robot. Among them, the cost of the speed reducer for the development direction of the aluminum industry in the base accounts for the highest proportion of the three core parts, with a value of 36%

the rapid growth of the demand for industrial robots drives the rapid development of the reducer industry

in recent years, the demand for domestic industrial robots has increased rapidly

in recent years, the demand for domestic industrial robots has continued to rise. In, the sales volume of industrial robots in China achieved rapid growth, ranking first in the world for many consecutive years

with the increasingly obvious trend of upgrading and transformation of China's manufacturing industry, the trend of machine replacement provides sufficient market space for the industrial robot industry

according to industrial control data, the sales volume of industrial robots in China increased to 138000 in 2017, becoming the world's champion of industrial robot sales for five consecutive years

in 2017, among the 138000 sales of industrial robots in China, foreign brands accounted for the vast majority of the market share, and the sales of domestic self owned robots increased, but the share is still small

in 2017, the main industrial robot manufacturers in China were Xinsong, esston, evert, xinshida, tostar, Guangzhou CNC and other enterprises; Among them, the annual output of industrial robots of Xinsong, esston and tostar is more than 9000, and xinshida has a new factory with an annual capacity of 10000 under construction

the rising demand for industrial robots provides sufficient development power for the industry

the rising demand for industrial robots provides continuous power for the development of the reducer industry. As one of the three core parts of industrial robots, domestic reducers, with the continuous expansion of the industrial robot market, the reducer field is also growing

we believe that the expanding demand for industrial robots has become an important driving factor for the continuous growth of the reducer Market

according to the data of the Institute of robotics of higher industry and research, the new demand for industrial robot reducers in China reached 319600 units in 2017, with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 62.23%; It is estimated that the demand for industrial robot reducers in China will exceed 400000 units in 2018, and the market capacity will exceed 3billion yuan

with the sharp increase of market demand for speed reducers, the price is gradually decreasing

the price of China's industrial robot speed reducers shows a downward trend with the growth of market demand. According to the data of the Institute of robotics, the company has become the largest resonator shell manufacturer in the world in 2013. In 2013, the demand for speed reducers for industrial robots in China was 89000 sets, and the market capacity was 980 million yuan. Based on this, it was estimated that the domestic market price of speed reducers in 2013 was about 11000 yuan

by 2017, the market demand for speed reducers for industrial robots in China has increased to 319600 sets, the market capacity has increased to 2.54 billion yuan, and the average market price is about 7900 yuan

with the policy support, the core parts are expected to achieve a breakthrough

with the increasingly heated development of the industrial robot industry, the relevant national support policies are also being followed up. Policy support is a strong driving force for the development of the core parts industry of industrial robots

in 2011, the Ministry of industry and information technology officially released the industrial plan of intelligent manufacturing equipment; In 2012, the state issued the 12th Five Year special plan for the development of robot science and technology; In 2013, the state issued the notice on organizing and implementing the special project for the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment in 2013

in 2016, the robot industry development plan (year), jointly issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of finance, clearly stated that by 2020, the domestic industrial robot output will reach more than 100000 units, of which the output of industrial robots with more than six axes will reach more than 50000 units, and the density of industrial robots in China will reach 150 units/10000 human employees

▌ industry competition pattern

Japanese funded enterprises dominate the global market

the global reducer Market is monopolized by Japanese enterprises nasbosk and harmonaco

according to the data disclosed by industrial control, in 2015, most of the market share of the global precision reducer market was occupied by three Japanese enterprises, among which the reducer produced by nabotesk accounted for about 60%, the reducer produced by hamenaco accounted for about 15%, and the reducer produced by Sumitomo accounted for about 10%

in terms of specific reducer classification, foreign manufacturers mainly produce RV reducers from nabotesk in Japan, Sumitomo and s in Slovakia to improve the accuracy of experimental results Three companies of pinea; The harmonic reducer is mainly produced by two companies in Japan, hamenaco and Xinbao

in recent years, China, as the world's largest consumer of industrial robots, is one of the most important markets for the world's major reducer manufacturers, which has formed a strong support for the business growth of several major reducer manufacturers in Japan

in 2017, the shipment of nabotsk reducer in the Chinese market increased by nearly 30% year-on-year, and the supply cycle was about 4 and a half months; According to the data of high tech robot, in 2017, the domestic shipment of hamenaco's reducer increased by nearly 80%, and new factories were put into operation one after another, resulting in a 30% - 40% increase in production capacity

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the domestic market is dominated by foreign brands, and domestic brands are accompanied by the rise of industrial robots

the shipment volume of foreign brands is much higher than that of domestic brands, accounting for the main domestic market share

from the perspective of shipment volume, the main suppliers of domestic industrial robot reducers are still dominated by foreign brands

according to the data of the Institute of robotics of high industry and research, the top 10 brands in terms of the shipment volume of China's industrial robot reducers in 2017 are: nabotsk (Japan), Sumitomo (Japan), Nantong zhenkang, spinea (Slovakia), Qinchuan machine tool, lik precision, Rossi (Italy), double ring drive, zhongdalide and SAIJIN (South Korea)

we know from China's industrial information data that China's demand for speed reducers for industrial robots in 2017 was nearly 180000

among them, the domestic main reducer manufacturers (excluding Shanghai Electromechanical, mainly Shanghai Electromechanical is a joint venture subsidiary of nabotesk and domestic companies, and its customer group includes four families) account for about 20% of the domestic market share, and nearly 80% of the market share is occupied by foreign brands

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