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Correct installation and use of ink scraper

correct installation method of ink scraper

when installing ink scraper, it is often supported by auxiliary blade. The secondary blade is generally made of hard steel, and the thickness of the secondary blade selected by our company is 120 ~ 150 μ m。 The auxiliary blade is usually clamped in the center of the ink scraper with 8 # nuts, about 8mm away from the back of the ink scraper and about 7mm away from the edge of the ink scraper (the specific position should be determined by test)

the ink scraper is installed too prominently, and the scraper is easy to deform and appear wavy. When printing at high speed, some places are scraped clean, and some places are not scraped clean, which not only affects the printing quality, but also the scraper is easy to wear. The scraper extends too short and lacks the necessary elasticity. You must increase the pressure to scrape the ink in the non graphic part (without holes), which will also damage the printing plate. Therefore, it is very important to install the scraper properly, which should be adjusted according to the actual situation

the installation position of the ink scraper (the distance from the contact point between the scraper and the plate cylinder to the imprint point between the imprint cylinder and the plate cylinder) has a great impact on the print quality. Most gravure printing machines can adjust the scraper up and down and back and forth by adjusting the adjusting nut of the auxiliary scraper. If the adjustment is not good, the printed matter will be dull and unclear, and there will be dry plate, blocking plate, no coloring, false edge, poor ink layer adhesion fastness and other phenomena in printing

the installation position of the ink scraper is related to the printing speed and the ink drying speed. The drying speed of the ink can be adjusted according to the printing speed, so the installation position of the doctor blade should be adjusted according to the printing speed. Generally, a plate cylinder with a diameter of about 15cm is used. When the machine speed is about 60m/min, the distance between the ink scraper and the impression point is 6cm. Printing speed is fast, distance is better, printing speed is slow, distance should be closer

correct usage of ink scraper

before installing the ink scraper, usually add a few drops of engine oil to the oilstone for rough grinding, and then add a few drops of engine oil to the 1000 # water-resistant emery cloth for fine grinding. Adding a few drops of engine oil can play a lubricating role and reduce friction. The grinding effect is generally good. Peers may wish to have a try

most printing plants often encounter the phenomenon of light or thick ink color of printing products. Especially when printing eye adjusted printing products, this is not only related to the ink transfer, but also the angle between the doctor blade and the plate cylinder can not be ignored. Most gravure printing machines can choose an angle of 45 ° ~ 65 °. The good news from the United States is that the included angle is small, the printing ink layer is dark and glossy, but the ink scraping effect is poor, and it is easy to get scratched and blurred pictures and texts. If the included angle is too large, the ink transfer may not be realized in the shallow part, such as the selection of load time, load displacement, displacement time, deformation time and other experimental curve real-time display, amplification, comparison, traversal functions of the main graph with shaded pattern, and the monitoring case of the experimental process is printed, but its shadow cannot be printed. The solution is to adjust the scraper 7 The test bench should have the function of correcting the knife position, and adjust the position of the knife rest to make the ink transfer to the substrate film as much as possible

to adjust to the best angle, factors such as hole depth, scraper position and printing speed should also be considered. If the acupoint is too deep, the angle should be larger

the pressure of the ink scraper will also have a very important impact on the print quality. The pressure can be adjusted according to the depth of the hole and the level of graphics and text. If the plate cylinder is too long and corrodes the gravure, the pressure will be greater. Due to corrosion, intaglio holes are deep, but burrs are easy to appear on the edge of the pattern. But too much pressure is easy to scrape off the ink in the shallow hole, causing the shallow part to not print out; Moreover, too much pressure will also reduce the contact angle, making it difficult to scrape the excess ink on the layout, resulting in ink accumulation under the scraper and knife lines. Generally, the contact angle of the doctor blade system in good working condition is about 60 °

the pressure of the ink scraper is too light, which will cause problems such as galling. The solution is to blow properly to the blade of the scraper, that is, the interface between the scraper and the printing plate. Special blowing facilities can be used for blowing

after using the ink scraper for a period of time, there will be burrs, cracks and other phenomena, and the ink scraper cannot work effectively. At this time, it is necessary to sharpen the knife or replace the new ink scraper. 2. In the actual work of LCD Chinese character display, sometimes the scraper breaks, and its service life can be extended by grinding or padding, which can not only save the cost of ink scraper, but also solve the corresponding quality problems. (end)

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