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Red Sea Glass Cultural Park welcomes 12000 tourists on May Day

during the "May Day" holiday, Qi County Red Sea Glass Cultural Park welcomes 1. 20000 tourists, selling various glassware products for more than 600000 yuan

Qi county is China's glassware production and export base, with significant advantages in the glassware industry. In March this year, Qixian Honghai glass company invested 300million yuan to build a glass culture park. In the first 10 months of this year, extruder exports fell by 7.3%, A manual blowing glassware workshop, a glassware deep-processing workshop, and a standard USB interface have been initially formed. The history and culture exhibition hall of glass and the exhibition area of glass art boutiques. In the industrial park, tourists can have a close look at the production process of traditional hand blown glass artworks. It is also reported that the red sea glass company is currently working on the construction of the China glassware Museum

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