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Correct maintenance of two different combine harvesters

the combine harvester should maintain the machine well before leaving the vehicle, so that it can maintain a good technical state, with less failure and stable performance, reduce failure time, improve work efficiency and prolong the service life of the machine

I. self propelled combine

1 Fill each lubricating point with lubricating oil as required every day

2. After using for a period of time, tighten the nuts of the front and rear wheels; Check and adjust the tension of all V-belts; Check and adjust all transmission chains; When the indicator light is on, cleaning the dry-type air filter will not only shorten the processing time, but also reduce the cost of gas filter: clean the rotating hood and radiator; Check and top up the cooling liquid level; Check and clean the water collector; Check the fuel filter and drain the deposited water and sediment; Clean the oil filler of the hydraulic oil tank and check the oil level; Stop the combine on the ground, check the oil in the engine oil bottom pot, and refuel as needed; Tension the steel wire rope of the grain unloading auger; Clean the oil filler of the hydraulic drive oil tank and check the oil level. If necessary, clean the cab filter

3. After one quarter of use, replace the fuel filter element and the engine oil filter. Check the specific gravity of battery electrolyte, and charge or fill up distilled water as required. Check the coolant level and top up. "Qing" youth has a great opportunity to manage the fuel transfer pump, check and adjust the clearance of the walking clutch, check and adjust the foot brake, and adjust the soft shaft of the hand brake

II. Hanging combine

small floor space

1 Tractor maintenance. The tractor should be maintained at any time to maintain the best technical condition. Be sure to maintain according to the instructions. Because harvesting works under bad conditions, there is a lot of dust and swarf, the radiator is easy to be blocked, causing the water tank to boil, and the air filter is also easy to fail. If the filter is blocked, the power of the engine will be reduced at first, and black smoke will appear when working under heavy load, and it will be difficult to start the engine. Therefore, the grass and dust on the radiator should be cleaned before leaving the car. This work should also be carried out frequently in the working interval of each shift. Add a fine cover on the front of the car to better protect the radiator. To increase the cleaning times of the air filter with the advantage of high measurement accuracy, or raise the position

2. Harvester maintenance. The combine should be lubricated regularly in daily work; Check the technical status and fixation of all working parts; Make necessary adjustments and eliminate the faults that have occurred. The inspection and maintenance work before leaving the car every day should focus on the parts with large load, high speed and large vibration. At the same time, it should also check the parts that are easy to wear and damage, such as cutter, connecting rod, conveyor belt, lifting wire rope, etc

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