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Reducing packaging waste has become a major strategy of American packaging enterprises

nowadays, in the field of plastic packaging, reducing packaging waste and product management have been incorporated into the enterprise strategy, and have become a major mainstream of packaging enterprises

this transformation began two years ago, and now the speed is accelerating, which has also spawned more and more organizations engaged in this activity. But these organizations take different methods in 1. The moisture of wood flour has an influence on the production of planted variables and increases the recycling of materials

we plan to improve the recycling rate, recycle materials on a larger scale, and reduce the cost per household. Paul Gardner, executive director of recycling. The organization has just been established for six months. It is a non-profit organization. The funds are mainly provided by Nestle North America, which advocates enterprise extension legislation at the national level

similarly, the American Institute of packaging and environment also intends to improve the packaging recovery rate in the United States. However, the organization achieves this goal through voluntary product management and partnership with others. Joanpierce, executive director of the American Institute of packaging and environment, revealed. She also promotes Packaging Sustainability at Colgate Palmolive

at the recent resource recycling conference held in Austin, Pierce said: our cooperation with you is very important. If we can't communicate and cooperate well with you, we won't succeed in making the functions of keys cross each other. At the same time, we are committed to working based on facts and data. We will provide data and science based information, rather than personal opinions, to help enterprises and organizations take action

the first step of the American Packaging Institute is to enable the interaction of web enabled search and product recycling knowledge map on its website. This measure allows 30 member organizations to carry out circular plans based on data

it lists all material recycling systems and has a file at all stages. Joan Pierce said that when increasing the recycling of each specific packaging material, it helps us and our members decide what is the best way

resource recovery organization is also working to provide data for a plastic recycling group established by the food packaging Association earlier this year to encourage the recycling of used food plastic packaging in North America. The food packaging Association has also established a waste paper recycling alliance

Lynndyer, President of the food packaging Association, said: we have now changed our thinking, from treating waste as garbage in the past to treating it as a valuable resource now. In addition, there have also been changes in market supply and demand. Now we are beginning to see more food service packaging recycled after consumption

but the recycling problem still exists. Disposable food packaging is usually not recycled due to the limited infrastructure and end market. Therefore, the industry needs to work together and introduce some solutions to solve these challenges

Alcoa is also working with the alliance to improve recycling efficiency. Elizabethschmitt, the director of the company's recycling Department, said: we hope that people will work together voluntarily to quickly promote the gradual change in the recycling rate of packaging and printing materials in the United States. Our goal is to promote the improvement of recycling rate, so as to encourage consumers to recycle

in addition to recycling organizations, most organizations prefer to take voluntary industry orientation as the solution, rather than the enterprise extension system with the participation of government departments. The system usually sets goals and performs a supervisory role

although there are differences on the view of enterprise extension, many recycling groups account for 97.51%, 88.03% and 95.11% of the total import of waste raw materials respectively, and share some common characteristics. These include: focusing on promoting products to meet the increasing complexity of design and the effective recycling of packaging, and focusing on exploring areas where there is room for improvement

now the only obstacle restricting recycling is time. Joan Pierce, executive director of the Institute of packaging and environment, said that it will take 1215 years of efforts, and it will not be solved in the short term. We need to promote short-term projects to improve efficiency and increase long-term projects

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