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"Double 11" Wang Li security guard tmall flagship store Juhui attack, seven good gifts pre-sale has been opened, now book and enjoy value-added discounts, good gifts are waiting for you

the following is a question from the soul

double 11 was originally "singles' Day", how did

become a shopping carnival

was originally a voice to express the wish of single people that their single life

should be properly respected. How did

become a large-scale trading program of "buy, buy, sell"

was originally intended to express the wish of single people to find their love destination as soon as possible.

why don't you go shopping and feel that you have lost 100 million?

smoke free battlefield

that's because

it's better to fall in love than to dance

it's better to fall in love than to shop

Wang Li's "double 11" tmall flagship store seven good gifts pre-sale opens

book now and enjoy premium discounts,

threshold free coupons, high-end smart gifts, cost-effective products

we all broadcast

wireless doorbells, intelligent monitoring, home safe, etc,

we guarantee the minimum price and send the

editor to help you sort out the discounts,

it's easy

help you choose your favorite items more quickly in the "double 11" discount wave


store coupons

log in to Wang Li tmall flagship store and get offline store threshold free coupons of 100 yuan for free


privilege deposit

100 is worth 200, and the designated payment can be 100 is worth 240

various popular style door samples, together with Wang Li's unique super anti lock, fingerprint lock, etc., there is always one for you



wireless doorbell can be sent when placing an order, intelligent monitoring can also be sent when it is over 4000, latex pillows can be sent when it is over 9000

the number of gifts is limited, first come, first served. Please consult the customer service of the flagship store for the remaining amount



whether it is a collection store or an order, you can get a chance to draw a lottery. Move your fingers to collect it, and you can sit at home and enjoy the gift from the sky. You can get shop coupons, intelligent monitoring and other benefits, and it is possible to directly get many gifts such as latex pillows and safes

(source: Wang Lianfang)





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