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(camellus, high-end villa outdoor building materials) for people with courtyards, many families will have aluminum alloy fences. For people who love flowers, the decoration of aluminum alloy fences is naturally essential

then aluminum alloy fence How much is a meter? This depends on the thickness of the selected profile. If you choose a thick profile, it is safe, and the price is high. If you choose a thin profile, it is not safe, and the price is low It depends on your attention to safety

the aluminum alloy fence itself is made of all aluminum alloy, which can be disassembled without welding, and there are no screws on the surface. The connection is compact without looseness and falling off. Convenient packaging, transportation and installation. The fence is easy to process and the transportation cost is economical

aluminum alloy fences are widely used in organs, schools, parks, hospitals, airports, factories, apartments, stations, etc. It covers almost every corner of our life

aluminum alloy fence Originated in European and American countries, they have been widely used as early as the 1970s and have formulated industry standards. However, the use of aluminum alloy fences in China is in its infancy. Because the majority of consumers are unfamiliar with aluminum alloy fences and do not realize the substantive perfection of aluminum alloy fences, the design is still going round the traditional iron fence route, Market analysis of aluminum alloy fence: at present, most of the fences used are aluminum alloy fences. Although the price of aluminum alloy fence is high, its quality and practical value are several times higher than that of traditional fence. It not only ensures the safety of people's lives, but also plays an ideal decorative role; It has not only added highlights to the quality of the project, but also advanced the economic development to a new level





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