Decontamination tips of federal Gordon wooden ward

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We all know that the wardrobe cannot be forever new. In daily life, if you are not careful, the wardrobe will inevitably be injured. So, how should we deal with it correctly

how to remove the oil ink on the wooden wardrobe

add two parts of white vinegar to one part of water, wipe the oil ink on the wooden wardrobe I with a sponge dipped in the mixture, and then clean and dry it

how to remove the watermark on the wooden wardrobe

the wardrobe was not wiped in time because of dripping water. After a period of time, the water penetrated into the gap of the paint film and accumulated, making the paint film appear a kind of watermark. In this case, just cover the water mark with a clean wet cloth, and then carefully iron the wet cloth with an iron, so that the water accumulated in the watermark will be steamed

how to remove the yellow marks on the white wardrobe

the white paint on the surface of the wardrobe will change color over time. You can wipe it with a cloth dipped in toothpaste. Be careful not to use too much force. You can also mix the two egg yolks evenly, apply it to the yellowing place with a soft brush, and carefully wipe it clean with a soft cloth after drying

how to remove the oil stain on the wooden wardrobe

residual tea is an excellent detergent. Spray a small amount of corn flour after wiping, and finally wipe it clean. Corn flour can absorb all the dirt adsorbed on the surface of the wardrobe, making the paint smooth and bright

how to deal with the scratch of the wardrobe

if the mahogany wardrobe is accidentally scratched, but does not touch the wood below the paint film, you can use a soft cloth with a little melted wax to apply it to the damage of the paint film to cover the damage. After the wax hardens, apply another coat. The film scar can be covered up by applying it repeatedly for several times

about the method of repairing the burn mark of the paint film

if the paint film of the wardrobe is burned by cigarette butts, soot or matches that are not extinguished, and the wood under the paint film is not burnt, you can wrap a chopstick end with a small fine grained hard cloth, gently wipe the burn mark, and then apply a thin layer of wax to remove the burn mark

how to keep your wardrobe clean and tidy is a headache for many families. We all know that the wardrobe will become old after being used for a long time. In fact, this is caused by dust and oil stains. When these dirt adhere to the surface of the wardrobe, if you use improper methods to clean and decontaminate, it will not remove the stains, but will cause damage to the wardrobe





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