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Unlimited business opportunities for automation products in the elevator industry

[Guide: Recently, at the intelligent technology exchange meeting for energy conservation and safety in the elevator industry, some media conducted a questionnaire survey on the application of automation products in the elevator industry. The survey results also further showed that the product cost performance, the stability and reliability of the system have become the primary factors for many elevator enterprises to consider when choosing automation products, and the impact of brand and price on the purchase decisions of elevator users is gradually declining.]

Recently, automation today took the opportunity of hosting the energy-saving, safety and intelligent technology exchange meeting in the elevator industry during the 2010 China International Elevator Exhibition to conduct a questionnaire survey on the application of automation products in the elevator industry. A total of 75 valid questionnaires were collected, involving 40 enterprises. The participants included the management, engineers and purchasers of elevator enterprises. The questionnaire statistics show that 37 elevator enterprises have the intention to purchase or replace automation products in the recent year, accounting for 92.5% of the enterprises participating in the survey. The survey results further show that the product cost performance, the stability and reliability of the system have become the primary factors for many elevator enterprises to choose automation products, and the influence of brand and price on the purchase decisions of elevator users is gradually declining

plastic materials can be divided into two categories: 1) the elevator market of thermoplastic materials contains infinite business opportunities

according to statistics, in 2008, China's elevator production reached 250000 units, and the elevator production capacity leaped to the first in the world. At present, the number of elevators in use in China has exceeded 1million, breaking the development record of the global elevator industry, but it is difficult to become a leading enterprise of new materials in the international market. Although China's elevator market shrank during the financial crisis, with the implementation of various investment policies, the elevator industry was soon in the wave of rapid development and became the largest newly installed elevator market in the world. At present, high speed and energy saving have gradually become the focus of people's attention to the elevator industry. However, the elevator after-sales maintenance business, which is closely related to the public safety and the safe operation of elevator facilities, has not attracted enough attention

in the next few years, technological innovation is the key to promoting the progress of the elevator industry. The emergence of wireless elevators will inevitably touch the elevator industry in China. The elevator industry is about to usher in a new wireless era. Although the industry is constantly integrating, China's elevator market is far from saturated. In the next two years, China's elevator demand will show a trend of rapid growth. By 2010, China's elevator output will reach 334100. China's elevator market will still maintain an annual growth rate of 20%, with an average annual sales of at least 50billion US dollars, which also brings a huge market for automation products

then, what automation products do enterprises in the elevator industry need and how do they choose automation products

elevators can be simply divided into passenger elevators, freight elevators, escalators and sundry elevators. Among the 40 manufacturers participating in the survey, there are 12 elevator system manufacturers, 16 elevator manufacturers and 10 elevator and escalator manufacturers, while only 2 manufacturers include elevator, escalator and elevator system manufacturers

among the 75 valid questionnaires collected, 66 readers said that their enterprises or departments would purchase new automation products in the next year, making relevant regulatory authorities, consumers and enterprises aware of the importance of cleaning up the market, involving 37 elevator and elevator system enterprises, accounting for 92.5% of the enterprises participating in the survey

with the upgrading of the elevator industry, the application fields of automation products in the elevator industry are expanding. As the most basic automation product, sensors are also the most widely used in elevators. In this survey, 45 participants designed 30 enterprises to consider purchasing sensor products this year. There are many kinds of sensors used in elevators. On average, each elevator uses 2 ~ 8 sensors, of which encoder is the most widely used. The encoder is mainly applied to the traction machine and gantry crane to detect the position of the elevator in the shaft and the real-time speed of the elevator. It is reported that at present, the market capacity of sensors in the elevator industry is 420million yuan, of which the market scale of encoder is 330million yuan. As more and more attention is paid to elevator safety, in recent years, the application of light curtain to realize the role change of industry integrated service provider based on new materials has become more and more common

in addition to sensors, the highest proportion of users consider purchasing low-voltage electrical equipment. A total of 36 readers and 24 enterprises chose this option. Low voltage electrical applications in elevators are mainly contactors and relays. Some experts predict that with the increase of the number of elevators, relays and contactors are gradually saturated in the elevator market, and the growth trend of relays and contactors will slow down in the next few years

the third product is the control system. At present, the mainstream control mode of the elevator with the largest output is the special controller. Because the special controller has the characteristics of high sensitivity and low cost, high computing power and high anti-interference ability of CPU, it has become the main control mode in the elevator. The cargo elevator and sundry elevator are mostly PLC, special controller and relay in parallel. Generally speaking, elevators do not have high requirements for PLC functions. Elevator manufacturers mainly focus on brand awareness, product stability and price. As the electric control system in the elevator industry is relatively simple, enterprises mainly design by themselves. The controller brands used in the elevator enterprises participating in the survey are mostly the private brands of KONE, Blu ray and other elevator enterprises. According to this survey, 21 manufacturers are preparing to purchase new controllers this year

with the improvement of people's requirements for elevator comfort and the promotion of the concept of green energy saving, the frequency converter also shows a rapid growth trend. Among the enterprises participating in the survey, 18 enterprises said they would purchase new frequency converters this year. The drive modes of elevator include variable frequency drive, DC drive, hydraulic drive, two speed motor, etc. At present, the application of frequency converter in elevator market has been very mature. Most vertical Elevators use frequency converter to regulate speed. Compared with DC system, the cooperation between frequency converter and synchronous/asynchronous motor has higher reliability, and because of its easy maintenance and high efficiency, frequency converter will still be the mainstream transmission product of elevator for a long time. In addition, 8 enterprises indicated that they would consider purchasing products such as human-computer interface and information software

this survey shows that the automation product brands used in the elevator industry cover a wide range. For example, PLC products include Siemens, Mitsubishi, Zhongda Diantong, abb, Huichuan and many other brands, while inverter products include Mitsubishi, Yaskawa, Schneider, Zhongda Diantong, Emerson, abb, Lunzi, Hitachi, Danfoss, KEB and many other brands. Among them, 45 questionnaires show that the same elevator enterprise uses at least two brands of products at the same time. For example, the inverter products currently used by Shenyang Blu ray Technology Co., Ltd. include Yaskawa, Fuji, Kobe and CV, while the low-voltage electrical products of giant KONE Elevator Co., Ltd. include Schneider, Muller and other brands, and the controller brands used by Guangzhou yongri Elevator Co., Ltd. also include Blu ray, monak, etc

how do elevator users choose new products

the results of the questionnaire on how enterprises choose products are similar to those of the previous survey on users of textile machinery and packaging machinery: seven respondents listed brand awareness as the first factor, while technical support and service as the least important factor. Among the 15 respondents who listed technical support and service as the first factor, eight also listed brand awareness as the least important factor. In addition, in 75 questionnaires, 38 readers listed price as the second factor affecting choice. The reliability and stability of products have become the most important factors for elevator enterprises to consider when choosing automation products. 40 respondents listed this factor as the first factor. In addition, the cost of the manufacturer's technical training and later system maintenance is another factor to be considered

through the recent three surveys of machinery users, we can see that machinery users have become more and more mature in choosing automation products

where should automation product providers start to provide services for users in the elevator industry, so as to smoothly expand the market? In this survey, 46 participants clearly expressed the hope that automation product suppliers can provide case analysis and product design services, and 29 said that their actual work is very helpful with existing successful cases. Participants agreed that automation product suppliers should regularly hold technical and case training

in actual production, there is a consensus that the system maintenance cost is high due to system instability. 62 readers chose this item. In addition, the respondents also generally believe that the repeated modification of software and the increase in maintenance caused by system instability have affected the production efficiency. Therefore, whether the automation product supplier can provide timely services has also become a factor for elevator manufacturers to consider when selecting products

on the other hand, green is becoming a mainstream new concept in the 21st century. Whoever can seize the green marketing market can take the initiative in competition. Elevator energy consumption accounts for about 3% ~ 7% of the total energy consumption of the building, which is related to the building function, floor height, area and passenger flow. The measures to reduce elevator energy consumption are various, mainly including: full utilization and reuse of raw materials; Select efficient drive system, optimize the number of elevators and elevator parameters; Reduce the inertia and friction resistance of elevator mechanical system; Reasonably use counterweight and balance weight; The layout of entrances and exits, the planning of passenger flow and freight transportation, and the selection of energy-saving lighting, etc. all need to be optimized and determined in advance during the elevator design. Zhangyuanxing from Hebei Langfang Chengxiang Elevator Accessories Co., Ltd. said that how to coordinate several elevators to improve the overall transportation efficiency, instead of only considering the efficiency of a single elevator, so that the design is more humanized and can be suitable for different people is the main problem they encounter in elevator design at present

experts pointed out that as an automation product provider, it should put the actual needs of users in the first place, and domestic elevator enterprises should also take the initiative to develop and realize the transformation of business philosophy while learning from advanced technology. Experts also remind that the development of elevator automation is bound to be networking. In the future, the elevator control system will be combined with the network technology to supervise the elevators in various places for maintenance; Carry out transactions through the elevator station, including elevator configuration, bidding, etc., or apply for regular inspection of the elevator. For enterprises engaged in elevator manufacturing, they should pay more attention to how to optimize the equipment. If they mainly focus on the price, their development will be greatly limited

the rapidly growing energy demand will promote the application of intelligent maintenance technology solutions (SMT)

in the field of power transmission and distribution, the Intelligent Maintenance Technology (SMT) solution market is in the controversial initial promotion stage, and the resistance to its development is that the power operators have been satisfied with the existing asset management technology and the maintenance ability of power reliability. According to a recent study by arc Consulting Group, various factors will affect the SMT solution

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