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Automatic intelligent chemical plant Tiandi No. 1 opens the era of industry 4.0

what era will industry 4.0 open? Is this era far away from us? Recently, I visited Jiangmen Tiandi No. 1 apple vinegar production base. If I hadn't put myself in the highly intelligent IOT fermentation workshop and the high-speed automatic canned apple vinegar production workshop, I couldn't believe that the era of industry 4.0 was at hand

fruit vinegar fermentation temperature control

handed over to IOT system

in the process of deep integration of information technology and manufacturing technology towards digital and intelligent manufacturing, it is particularly important for enterprises to establish their own intelligent production system. It can not only improve economic benefits and greatly save costs, but also become a driver to open up another potential development opportunity for the industry

Tiandi No.1 canned apple vinegar production workshop

in Tiandi No.1 fermentation workshop, we saw several large-scale fruit vinegar fermentation tanks connected by pipes with different diameters. The working status of the fruit vinegar fermentation system was clearly displayed on the computer display screen of the fermentation workshop. Zhuyayuan, deputy manager of the Research Institute of Tiandi No. 1 Beverage Co., Ltd., told that the fruit vinegar fermentation system can monitor and timely regulate the temperature of each fermentation tank, which not only saves a lot of labor and reduces labor intensity, but also reduces the fluctuation controlled manually by experience, stabilizes production, and greatly improves the quality rate of apple vinegar

fermentation seems to be a relatively simple process. In fact, various processes in the process are very complicated, and temperature is particularly critical for fruit vinegar fermentation, which directly affects the quality of Tiandi No. 1 apple vinegar. Zhuyayuan said that this IOT based fermentation process control mainly combines fermentation control technology with IOT technology to propose an intelligent system suitable for fermentation. Based on the advanced IOT technology, combined with the above two schemes, the original machine structure sensor technology and wireless communication technology should be changed to achieve the purpose of real-time and accurate monitoring and control, so as to improve the traditional process of apple vinegar and the scientific and technological level of production automation

high degree of automation of the production line

palletizers stand aside

walk into the apple vinegar production workshop of Tiandi No. 1, which is a strong impact from the vision. In large workshops, thousands of canned Tiandi No. 1 on the conveyor belt are transported to each process line, and various production lines are operating in an orderly manner. However, at a glance, there were only a few employees scattered around the workshop

the production line of our company has a high degree of automation. Now the employees working in the workshop are mainly checking various parameters and sampling products. Most processes are completed automatically by machines. Xiongxianping, vice president of Tiandi No. 1 Beverage Co., Ltd., which built a global super large optical communication whole industry chain base integrating optical fiber preform, optical fiber and optical cable, optical devices and raw and auxiliary supporting materials, said that in the past, every process required manual operation. Now, based on the data uploaded to the computer, the system will automatically operate complex and heavy processes according to this data

in many factories and workshops, palletizing is done by manual machines. In our Tiandi No. 1 apple vinegar production workshop, palletizing workers also have to stand aside, because our palletizing has been completed by automatic operation of machines selected by 4. Control mode, which not only greatly improves the efficiency, but also improves the accuracy of operation

intelligentization creates opportunities for employees

all are quality inspectors

with the promotion of the mode of Tiandi No. 1 intelligent chemical plant, the traditional factor driven development mode with low-cost labor input will be difficult to sustain. The application of new generation technologies such as mobile Internet, cloud computing, IOT, and intelligence in industry has brought about collaborative, open and innovation in the industrial chain, as well as challenges and opportunities for employees

fengxuehong, who has worked in the apple vinegar production workshop of Tiandi No. 1 for 11 years, told her that her daily work now is to carry out on-site quality management, patrol in the workshop, see the working conditions of the production line, the stability of the process, the running in of the equipment, as well as sample inspection, troubleshooting and risk assessment

on the wall at one side of the workshop, I noticed a notice that employee Liu Ning was rated as the QC star in March 2015, which said that he was rewarded for compiling the handling methods and experience summary of abnormal accidents of line 1200 and the preparation of the validation scheme for the series cleaning of mixed attention of line 1200

machines are replacing manual production, and our on-site staff have clamped the test pieces in the collet, all of them have become quality inspectors. Fengxuehong sincerely said that in the era of accelerating the integration of information technology and industry, continuous improvement is the vitality of the enterprise

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