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Automatic ultra large diameter electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealer


automatic ultra large diameter electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealer includes base, root (6) low carbon materials - making home appliances more practical according to the product type and the allowable range of existing agreements, transmission devices, sensors and high-frequency generators. The inductor is installed on the base through the lifting mechanism and is located above the transmission device. It is connected with the high-frequency generator by a feeder. An induction coil is set in the inductor. The induction coil is wound into a track and field shape. The length direction of the induction coil is perpendicular to the feeding direction of the transmission device. This aluminum foil sealed regenerative medicine product is mainly composed of stem cells, tissue-engineered tissues and organs with biomaterials as the scaffold, and transplantable biological tissues and organs. The magnetic field generated by the induction coil of the mouth machine completely covers the aluminum box, so that the whole aluminum foil can be heated evenly. The seal around the bottle mouth is firm, preventing air leakage and moisture permeability, prolonging the shelf life, and the sealing speed is fast. It can work continuously, It is suitable for batch production of large bottle mouth products

information source: China Packaging News

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