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Automation system integration has become a new development trend of the automation industry

core tip: This paper describes the new development trend of the automation industry. Automation companies and system integrators are taking the road of system integration in order to provide users with overall automation technology solutions. System integration and providing automation solutions complement each other. In terms of technology and products, system integration mode is the inevitable trend of automation development; From the perspective of user needs, it is necessary to provide an overall automation solution; Therefore, the supplier's development model is to strive to build the most competitive automation solution supplier

there are more and more complete sets of projects, large package projects, mav/miv and EPC turnkey projects.

with the large-scale, continuous and high parameter of industrial devices, the requirements for automation products are constantly improving. In order to meet the requirements of safe start/stop, stable operation, optimized operation, fault treatment and low-carbon economy of industrial equipment, various instruments and systems produced by different manufacturers must be seamlessly integrated into a coordinated information system. The spokesman of the Ministry of health acknowledged that it has become a very important technology to manage the data transmission, information sharing and coordinated operation between these instruments and systems to meet the requirements of users, that is, the system integrates the technology of horizontal placement of hydraulic cylinders. In addition, the application technology aiming at putting forward the overall solution and the application software represented by optimization software and advanced control algorithm have also become a new development trend. The development of these technologies has brought obvious economic benefits to users

according to the current customer demand and market changes in China, in recent years, automation companies and system integrators are taking the road of system integration in order to provide users with overall automation technology solutions. In the past, companies that only used to be DCS or instruments have undergone significant changes. Almost all automation companies with international famous brands do not only field instrument business, but also DCS and PLC system business. They do not only product sales, but also project implementation and engineering technology services. They can provide users with fully integrated automation technology solutions. They have strong product integration ability, program technology ability, engineering service ability and strength. They are not only product sales companies, but also engineering technology companies. For example:

domestic well-known automation engineering companies such as Hollysys, Zhejiang central control, Guodian Zhishen and Nanjing Keyuan (started from DCS) have changed their business from a single DCS control system in the past to providing an overall solution for the current control system + instrument set + project implementation + application research and development, and provided users with a fully integrated automation solution through the integration of all automation products. Its manifestation is: the product develops from top to bottom, and the field instruments are expanded by DCs

traditional automation instrument companies such as Shangyi, Chuanyi and Tiankang (started from instruments) used to be mainly field instrument businesses (product companies), but now they have changed from simple instrument sales business in the past to providing overall solutions for complete instrument + control system + project implementation + application research and development. Through business transformation and expansion, they provide users with fully integrated automation solutions. Manifestation: the product develops from bottom to top, and DCS is expanded by field instruments

Figure 2 marketing theory for creating services

it can be seen that the business transformation and development mode of China's major automation companies and system integrators: they can provide a full range of products from field instruments to control systems, both as product companies and engineering companies, and can provide users with overall automation solutions. According to their own advantages, they are developing to the depth and breadth of automation system integration and industrial service-oriented in different strategic directions

many automation companies and system integrators stand at the forefront of the development of the automation industry and put forward the strategy of building the most competitive automation solution supplier, which conforms to the development trend of the automation industry. Nowadays, the development trend of automation industry has two obvious characteristics: one is system integration and system integration; The second is to provide automation solutions. The two are complementary. The purpose of system integration and integration is to provide users with overall automation solutions; Providing an overall automation solution is inseparable from system integration. We introduce it from the following aspects:

1. in the automation industry, from the perspective of technology and products, the system integration mode is the inevitable trend of automation development

in today's IT era, production process automation not only takes the control system as a tool for control, operation and production operation, but also requires automation technology to integrate process information and the production management, execution and other information systems of the whole group into a package solution driven by energy conservation and emission reduction, safety and environmental protection, potential exploration and efficiency increase, and low-carbon economy, as market competition intensifies, We can see that now the world's influential automation companies, such as Siemens' fully integrated automation, Rockwell's integrated architecture, Emerson's plant web factory management, ABB's Industrial IT industrial information system, have launched new system concepts of fully integrated architecture, which represent the trend of the automation industry. Both products and technologies are based on the concept of integration and solutions, but the development speed is remarkable. 3. The development of professional testing software under XP system is inevitable for the development of automation technology. In the real factory automation, it is difficult to strictly separate various functions. The market competition requires that the automation technology no longer only provides the local control mode and independent information system of PLC or DCS, but also requires that the information systems such as automation control, safety protection, production and equipment management, enterprise management, production scheduling, optimization, etc. be fully integrated, almost integrating all automation control and management functions, which provides this foundation from the product and technology

the fully integrated automation framework enables the DCS technology to further expand upward, downward, horizontal, vertical and system integration. Today's automation products and technologies have the foundation of integration and integration. The fully integrated automation solution realizes the management, control, safety and optimization of the production process, and makes the production more orderly, safer and more economical. It not only improves the production efficiency, but also saves the cost. This inevitably requires the integration of a variety of technologies and functions. No system is large and complete. It must rely on integration. In the past, there were some different independent systems in the field of industrial control, but now the development of automation technology has broken the shackles of separation and created conditions for system integration technically. The development and application of fieldbus and industrial Ethernet technology have laid a communication foundation for the formation and development of fully integrated automation architecture. In addition, the popularization and application of various automation standards, such as automation programming language, fieldbus, industrial Ethernet, etc., have also laid a foundation for the fully integrated architecture

the speed and degree of integration and absorption of new technologies and new demands in the automation industry have exceeded people's expectations. At present, automation has not yet moved towards complete standardization. This determines that it is impossible for the industrial automation market to be dominated by a single force. It is impossible to be large and complete. No product can be large and complete. We can only take the road of integration. At the same time, we can provide users with advanced automation integration platforms and solutions by mastering industry knowledge and technology in specific fields

growth and expectation of the scale of China's major system integration market (RMB million)

it is an obvious feature of the development of the automation industry to take the integration mode in terms of products and technologies and provide users with fully integrated automation solutions. Now, automation suppliers integrate high-quality hardware and software product systems, from field instruments to control systems, from monitoring software to optimization control software, from integrated production automation to enterprise management informatization, and are committed to providing users with complete industrial automation solutions from the bottom to the top

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