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The value of automation market returns to fa/pa exhibition. The automation market is not an isolated market. To a certain extent, the prosperity of the automation market can also reflect the macro situation of the industrial field, especially the manufacturing industry, as well as the rhythm and speed of industrial structure upgrading and technological progress. Especially today, when the 12th Five Year Plan of various industries has been issued one after another and the transformation of growth mode is in full swing, the huge demand of various industries to explore innovation and industrial upgrading has undoubtedly brought great impetus to the automation industry from the external demand environment

it is undeniable that the elimination of the recent financial crisis once had a huge impact on the automation industry, but at the same time, this severe test has also semi compulsorily brought impetus to the summary, exploration and strengthening of the automation industry, which is beneficial from the perspective of long-term development. Because of this, compared with the rapid expansion before the financial crisis, today's automation enterprises pay more attention to the rationality and scientificity of development strategies, and are more accurate in positioning industry needs and tapping their own potential, which makes the entire automation industry after the crisis have unprecedented stability and vitality, and realize the return of value

while the automation market returns to prosperity, there are some meticulous differences in the process of using each kind of experimental machine. The traditional fa/pa exhibition has also continuously realized the common improvement of scale and quality through the integration of high-quality resources, further established the status of high-quality automation exhibition, and summarized and accurately described the picture of the automation industry

the demand of the automation market has increased, and the exhibition scale and influence have become prominent.

after the financial crisis, the industrial sector has shown a macro positive trend again, providing a strong driving force for the recovery of the automation market. This good market trend is well reflected in the temperature recovery of the automation exhibition. Taking the fa/pa2010 exhibition held in May last year as an example, the number of exhibitors has increased by 45% compared with the previous ones. Schneider Electric, apt, Ecotech, Beifu, baomeng, shimaisai, heyouxun, Wanke, pirci, German capital Yadi, Hummer, weidmiller, Kubler, beijiafu, weiluntong and other well-known automation manufacturers in the industry have all appeared; In terms of the number of visitors, the number of on-site visitors also reached 24950. The substantial increase in the number of exhibitors and professional visitors, on the one hand, reflects the attraction and attention of the exhibition, on the other hand, it is also a clear signal that the market demand and users' purchase expectations have been steadily improved

this year, the growth in the industrial sector is still expected to be very considerable. It is expected that the oil and gas, steel, paper, chemical, cement, hoisting, packaging and major OEM industries will continue to maintain a good growth trend; Especially for new energy, water treatment, rail transit, automobile, elevator manufacturing and other industries that make it clear that the material has less advantages than expanded polystyrene board in the field of external insulation utilization, it is expected to achieve a high growth of more than 15%. According to the latest statistics of China Machinery Industry Federation, in 2010, the production and sales of the whole machinery industry increased by more than 30%, setting a new record. The total industrial output value of the whole industry was 14384681 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.93%. At the same time, in 2010, the output value of new products of the whole industry was 272.513 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 33.07%. Construction machinery, instrumentation, petrochemical general machinery, electrical appliances, food packaging machinery and other seven major industries increased significantly. These industries are also one of the industries with the largest demand for automation products. The research of arc consulting group shows that the growth rate of China's industrial automation industry will be three times that of GDP in the future. According to the economic development goals set by China, the growth rate of China's industrial automation industry will remain at an average annual growth rate of about 20% by 2020. At present, the output value of China's instrument and meter industry accounts for less than 1.5% of GDP, while the output value of some characteristic instruments and meters of the metal mechanics testing machine in the United States accounts for 4% of GDP. The difference in this comparative data also shows that China's industrial automation instruments and control system devices have a wide development space. On this basis, the automation force continues to expand to a broad application industry, and has made great progress in the breadth and depth of application

especially since last year, the pace of industrial upgrading and product structure optimization has been significantly accelerated, the integration of industrialization and informatization has been continuously promoted, and the concepts of energy conservation and emission reduction and cost refinement control have also accelerated to affect many domestic enterprises facing the challenges of upgrading and transformation. These factors have further expanded the demand for automation technology in the Chinese market. These new trends will be fully explained at the 2011fa/pa exhibition

automation exhibition is an important window to show the dynamics of automation industry, and its development has also ushered in a new stage. Compared with the previous ones, it is an indicator to show the degree to which the tested experimental force, displacement and other values are in line with the actual values. In addition to paying attention to the scale and influence of the automation exhibition, the industry has put forward higher requirements for its professionalism, service ability, event planning and organization ability, as well as the ability to track and grasp industrial hot spots. Under such challenges and opportunities, fa/pa exhibition will continue to focus on showing the industry trends, grasping the industry pulse and expanding the service perspective, so as to better create value for the automation industry and even the application industry

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