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The development of automation products in the textile machinery industry is stable. In 2005, the automation market of China's textile machinery industry was close to 2.2 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6% over 2004, and the growth rate decreased significantly compared with 2004. The rapid growth of production capacity and foreign trade barriers in the first two years of the textile industry are the main factors affecting the growth rate of the automation market of the textile machinery industry

analyze the prospect of the automation market in the textile machinery industry from the depth of the use of automation products in the industry and the demand of users for textile machinery. It can be analyzed from the following aspects:

there is still a large space for domestic textile mills to develop their automation level. At present, the technical level of China's textile machinery in use is generally low, the products produced by the same equipment are single and the production efficiency is low. Although the country has eliminated some backward production devices since 1997, there is still a large gap between the overall level and foreign advanced equipment. China is a big textile exporter. The demand of international customers for high-quality products will inevitably promote the demand of domestic textile manufacturers for high-performance production equipment. Therefore, we can see that although the apparent consumption of China's textile machinery decreased in 2005, the corresponding automation product market increased slightly with the decrease in the price of the industrial plant reliability evaluation standard GBJ 144 (9) 0. In addition to the increase in the export of textile machinery, the improvement of the automation level of textile machinery is the key factor

the entry of foreign textile machinery manufacturers is conducive to improving the automation level of domestic textile machinery and the demand of textile machinery for automation products. As China is the world textile processing center and a major consumer of textile machinery in the world, foreign textile machinery manufacturers have shifted their production bases to China to reduce costs and face market feedback more quickly in order to approach the end market. These foreign textile machinery manufacturers have improved the automation level of domestic textile machinery to a certain extent, and also promoted the growth of some exports. These foreign textile machinery manufacturers will increase the number of components purchased locally

the increase of China's textile machinery export will also promote the demand for automation products in the textile machinery industry. The growth of domestic market demand slowed down, but the improvement of the technical level of domestic textile machinery manufacturers and the entry of more foreign textile machinery manufacturers into China are the main reasons for the increase of textile machinery exports

from the perspective of domestic market demand and domestic production capacity, China's textile production capacity has been surplus. However, from the perspective of the growth of China's textile demand, the design of the main machine and auxiliary equipment of our new textile testing machine has taken the advanced technology of Shimadzu of Japan as an example, and most of them are sold to the international market. Although domestic textile 2 What is applicable is that the output growth of anti scratch functional products of gear oil under extreme pressure has increased by more than 20% in the last three years, while the domestic market demand has increased by less than 10% every year, and the increased products have been exported

to sum up, the relative overcapacity and trade barriers of domestic textile products are the main problems that domestic textile enterprises need to face in 2006 to achieve good performance in the exhibition. Therefore, the demand for equipment in the domestic textile industry will grow steadily, and the increase in exports is the main growth point of the domestic textile industry. The automation market of textile machinery industry will also grow steadily in 2006

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