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Automation is clear at a glance - Pilz page based visualization software pasvisu

page based pasvisu visualization software is a powerful and easy-to-use visualization software package. This visualization software package developed by Pilz is platform independent and based on the latest network technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. Pasvisu is not only intuitive to operate, but also provides a great degree of freedom for project design: users of Pilz control solution can use it to comprehensively operate and monitor equipment

pas4000 - direct project association of pasvisu

this visualization software supports the simple creation and configuration of visualization projects through pasvisu builder. Since you can access all the data (including all process variables and OPC namespaces) in the PSS 4000 automation project with a price drop of 10 yuan/ton in Jiangsu and Shandong, you no longer need to perform the error prone process of manually entering and allocating variables

use patches to realize personalized visualization

you can select styles through CSS3, and you can provide a unified project appearance by clicking the mouse. Predefined graphic input and display elements (= patches) already provide all relevant attributes, such as prefix, suffix, and error status, eliminating the need to manually create and group elements. By dragging the mouse, you can easily locate the patch to the configuration page, and then fill in the relevant data. You can even filter variables automatically when you enter a variable name and synchronize them to the patch. This will not only speed up the project, but also avoid errors

block diagnosis and simulation

can automatically process other information required in visualization projects. It can also automatically synchronize changes to PSS 4000 projects and display them in pasvisu builder. Automatic synchronization means that users can always use the latest version. In addition to simulation, offline simulation can also be carried out: the configuration can be easily completed with the help of a dedicated offline variable (which can be used to set and display values) without accessing the controller

remote access via network

pasvisu uses current standardized interconnection technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. JavaScript can be used to extend the functionality of visualization projects: provide predefined JavaScript for calculation or scaling operations. Therefore, it can help users significantly shorten the project time and save costs. Because HTML5 is used, it can be accessed across platforms. It can be accessed from almost any terminal device (such as PC, tablet and smart) in 2010 through their respective web browsers. For example, this helps simplify remote access based on actual client server functionality, which can separate remote maintenance from local operations and help reduce downtime

pss 4000 background introduction

pss 4000 system adopts Pilz's new network protocol safetynet P secure real-time Ethernet. Safetynet P has higher real-time performance, larger system capacity and stronger openness than the past fieldbus system. The rtfn section of safetynet P network can achieve a cycle time of up to 1ms, which can meet the requirements of most automatic control, and its rtfl section can even achieve an ultra short cycle time of 62.5us, which can meet the requirements of high real-time such as servo control

with the advent of epoch-making hardware, its software platform pas4000 (Pilz automation suite) also has an innovative side. It integrates all PSS 4000 system related functions such as network configuration, PLC programming, motion control configuration, diagnostic configuration, visual interface, etc. into one software interface. At present, it avoids users from installing software many times and switching software windows frequently when designing the automation system, so as to reduce the time in the design phase

welcome to the Pilz booth of SPS IPC drives to experience pasvisu for yourself. Pilz held booth 370 in hall 9 of SPS IPC drives 2014 (November, 2014)

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