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Editor's note: in 2008, the automation industry was inevitably affected by the global economic downturn, and most enterprises experienced a performance recession. However, there was no expected Olympic blowout in China. On the one hand, the slowdown of macroeconomic growth has increased the uncertainty of China's economic trend; On the other hand, the transformation of the manufacturing industry, the restart of many projects after the Olympic Games, and the growth points that will be established in the national macro will also bring new markets to the automation industry

the macroeconomic analysis report of the National Bureau of statistics shows that a series of factors, such as labor costs, raw material prices, exchange rates, structural adjustment, etc., have caused the cost of manufacturing enterprises to rise. Among them, the annual actual wages of employees increased by 12.3% annually. In order to reduce the impact of the above cost changes, many enterprises are looking for solutions, one of which is to improve productivity by improving the level of automation

the economic crisis affected the automation industry

at a seminar, a photographer asked a question that everyone present wanted to know: what impact did the 2008 economy have on the company? Finally, of course, I didn't get the answer I wanted

just like Iceland and Pakistan wrangle with each other and refuse to take the lead in admitting that the country is "bankrupt". In the whole automation industry, no enterprise is willing to talk about such a sensitive topic as "the impact of the 2008 economy on the industry". Because I am afraid that if I am not careful, I will become a "King Stone"

however, we can still see the impact of the financial crisis on Automation:

on July 11, 2008, the CEO of a world-famous automation company said at the investor conference, "in the current difficult environment, we feel that we have achieved a very solid second quarter performance." This very solid performance is that the second quarter report showed that the local business decreased by 2% year-on-year. Now, the company is further reducing its less profitable business, including the overall sale of its business in some countries

on october1,2008, a world-famous automation company announced that it would cut 600 jobs worldwide, equivalent to 3% of its total global employees, and would include $50million in expenses related to this move. The company said that this measure was taken in view of the current and expected market environment. The layoff is expected to save the company $75million in costs in FY2009

opportunities brought by the transformation of the manufacturing industry

if you are a purchaser in the automation industry, you may often fall into such a dilemma: on the one hand, the suppliers are talking, and the original price can not be achieved; On the one hand, the boss refused to sign the orders for price increase

the survey shows that the overwhelming majority of suppliers' Countermeasures to cope with the rising costs are to tap the potential internally, and nearly half of the suppliers hope to tide over the difficulties from the perspective of management. As for the methods adopted to improve performance, 46% of the suppliers answered to improve the management system, 20% of the suppliers answered to reduce waste, 14% of the suppliers answered to automation (to deal with labor, but today's road propaganda is not so cost-effective), 12% of the suppliers answered to reduce errors, and 8% of the suppliers answered that this kind of testing machine is the mainstream product of today's universal material testing machine and is vertically integrated

whether it is to improve the management system or to use automation to deal with the rise of labor costs, it has brought new opportunities to the automation industry. Among the "global top 100" manufacturing information management companies selected by MBT magazine in 2006, there are automation manufacturers such as Emerson Process Management, abb, Siemens, Rockwell, Invensys, etc. Informatization has expanded the application scope of automation, and informatization itself also needs the intervention of automation

in the current macroeconomic climate, all walks of life are under pressure. All enterprises are faced with problems related to RMB appreciation, rising production costs, energy conservation and emission reduction. Whoever can successfully deal with these difficulties can survive and develop. The strategy is to speed up production, shorten operation cycle, reduce production costs, vigorously promote energy conservation and emission reduction, and reduce all aspects of expenditure, all of which are inseparable from the support of automation

in order to achieve development in the crisis, more and more manufacturing industries have begun to join the ranks of transformation, accelerate the upgrading of technical equipment, and adopt mechanized automation equipment on a large scale to reduce the adverse impact of raw material price rise - this undoubtedly brings huge business opportunities to the automation industry. In addition to the needs of the manufacturing industry, the strong promotion of industrial informatization and energy conservation and emission reduction by governments at all levels in recent years has also brought huge business opportunities to the automation industry

promotion of government policies

2008 is a key year for energy conservation, consumption reduction and pollution reduction goals. The state has issued eight specific measures to promote energy conservation and consumption reduction, including increasing structural adjustment, promoting technological progress, strengthening energy conservation and consumption reduction management, promoting the development of circular economy at the same time, strengthening pollution prevention and control, improving laws and standards, and improving supporting policies, which has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the automation industry

2008 "science and technology Olympics" has further promoted the civil process of energy conservation and emission reduction technology. The opportunity of the Olympic Games gives green science and technology, environmental protection and energy conservation an opportunity to show their skills. Intelligent control products such as Siemens, Honeywell and Emerson energy have been applied in Olympic buildings. The intelligence and automation of high-rise buildings have become a new highlight in the field of automatic control. With the rapid development of information technology and the improvement of people's requirements for building functions, the market in the field of intelligent control in China has been gradually opened

the development of new fields such as environmental protection, new energy, energy conservation and emission reduction, and logistics has also brought unprecedented development opportunities for China's local automation enterprises. The "industrial enterprise energy management system wj-power" developed by a domestic enterprise has played a great role in reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency in the municipal and cement industries

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