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Automatic control valves pursue continuous innovation to create new markets for valve enterprises

automatic control valves refer to the control of valves by means other than electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or electromagnetic drive. Its features are: easy to use, safe; It can be controlled on site or remotely; It can control a single valve or multiple valves in a centralized way; Simple switch control and regulation control can be realized; With the help of computer, the program control can be realized. Automatic control valve refers to and is expected to replace flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) in medical devices. It controls the valve in a way other than electric, pneumatic, hydraulic or electromagnetic drive to prevent oil leakage under high pressure. Its features are: easy to use, safe; It can be controlled on site or remotely; It can control a single valve or multiple valves in a centralized way; Simple on-off control and adjustment can be realized. 1) net pressure test: control twice the maximum working pressure; With the help of computer, the program control can be realized. Due to the need of remote control, valve signal feedback lamp signal or 4~20ma signal feedback are generally available for valve control. Now, in the chemical industry, papermaking, food, medicine, power plants, steel mills, urban and drainage, gas and other departments, due to the need for large-scale accurate flow control, valve automation is increasingly widely used

valves occupy a large proportion in mechanical products. According to the statistics of foreign industrial developed countries, the output value of valves is the sum of compressors, fans and pumps, accounting for about 5% of the output value of the whole machinery industry. At the same time, as an important part of major technical equipment, especially in the power, petrochemical, metallurgical, urban water supply and drainage systems, valves play a key role, and the consumption is very large

in recent years, China's economy has grown rapidly, its position in the world has gradually improved, and the market competition in all walks of life has become increasingly fierce, as has the valve industry. In the increasingly fierce market competition with the active support of the Beijing municipal government, in order to achieve development, we must recognize the current situation, actively face the competition, give full play to our own advantages, and accelerate the nationalization of the industry

driven by the four major forces of industrialization, urbanization, reform and globalization, the prospect of China's valve equipment manufacturing industry is still broad. In the future, the high-end, localization, modernization and digitalization of the valve industry will be the main development direction of the valve industry in the future. Pursue continuous innovation and create a new market for valve enterprises

with the increasingly fierce competition in the global valve market, many world-famous valve manufacturers closed their factories in North America, Europe and Japan and moved to China, India, South Korea and central Europe to reduce the manufacturing cost of valves and increase the sales profit

at present, China has become the world's manufacturing factory and a big country in pump and valve manufacturing. In the new century, China's pump and valve industry has achieved rapid development, but also faces fierce competition and severe challenges

in this regard, experts believe that it is inevitable for enterprises to encounter competitors in products, and there is competition in the industry, which is a good thing for some enterprises. Because of competition, enterprises have improved product quality and service quality, and consumers have also used less money to obtain better or more consumption and services. The market is a sieve. While the industry is developing and progressing, the market is also eliminating enterprises in the industry

if China's valve industry wants to have long-term development, it must adjust and optimize the industrial structure, not only continue to give full play to the advantages of the traditional valve industry, but also vigorously develop knowledge and technology intensive industries and emerging industries, so as to promote the upgrading of the pressure reducing valve, plug valve and regulating valve industries. Only in this way can we shorten the gap between China's valve industry and developed countries as soon as possible

in recent years, due to the favorable domestic investment environment and the deepening of infrastructure policies, China's pump and valve industry will usher in new opportunities for sustainable growth. The continuous self innovation of the enterprise has made the technology leading, and a variety of products are dizzying, showing a prosperous development prospect. It is precisely because of such technological achievements that the pump and valve industry can always maintain a positive and upward trend

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