The hottest automatic film discharge transmission

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Automatic film releasing transmission device

an automatic film releasing transmission device. A reducer with a motor and two bearing brackets are installed on the mounting base. The rotating shaft of the film releasing cylinder is provided with two bearings installed on the lightweight materials provided by the bearing bracket Jin min. the left end of the rotating shaft is connected with the output shaft of the reducer, a rocker is installed near the chassis in the middle, and a film releasing cylinder is installed at the right end, Three 3D printers are opened on the outer circle of the film release cylinder, which is an innovative forming and manufacturing technology. Long grooves are uniformly distributed. The long grooves are equipped with expansion blocks connected with the nut support, and two induction switches are set on the chassis where the rocker swings. The utility model is characterized by omitting the cam controlled film pulling rocker mechanism, the film pressing mechanism and the braking of the film releasing cylinder of the existing film releasing transmission device. We also thank you for your trust in us. In addition, the film releasing transmission device has simple structure, convenient installation and use, and can operate in high, medium and low speed areas through the frequency conversion speed regulation of the transmission motor according to the different specifications of the packaging bag and the needs of the packaging speed, It can meet the requirements of different packaging machines for film release speed

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