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Autodesk Inventor: versatile player in heavy vehicle design

Zhonghuan power (Beijing) Heavy Vehicle Co., Ltd. has not only solved the problems in product design, but also played a great role in enterprise bidding and new product publicity, relying on the technical support of Autodesk and the services of authorized dealers

project background

Zhonghuan power (Beijing) heavy duty truck Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between Beijing heavy duty truck manufacturing plant and Singapore Science and technology power company, which mainly enables employees to be enthusiastic about the company. Beijing heavy duty truck factory was founded in 1954. Since 1971, it took the lead in developing the first 20 ton mining dump truck in China. After more than 30 years of continuous development, it has become a professional mining dump truck manufacturer with the longest history, the largest number of users, the widest coverage and the highest market share in China

in 2004, Beijing heavy duty truck factory and Singapore Science and Technology Power Co., Ltd. jointly established Zhonghuan power (Beijing) heavy duty truck Co., Ltd. both sides have done a lot of work in product improvement, design improvement, quality improvement, service level improvement, and market development at home and abroad. At present, the products of Zhonghuan power are not only favored by domestic users, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions

according to the requirements of the market and customers, Zhonghuan power developed BZK D25 (3420) 25t mining dump truck on the basis of the original 20t mining truck, and began to use Autodesk Inventor as the design tool

user challenge

due to the intensified competition in the domestic mining truck market, the time is urgent. It is required that Zhonghuan power complete the product design within 10 months and sample it. The following is a summary of the problems that should be paid attention to when using and changing the experimental machine: car. However, central power faces the following problems: Although the technical data of Yulian Industrial Park, the first industrial gathering area in Gongyi City, can be used for reference, can we ensure that the data recorded in the original large number of DWG drawings will not be lost after the three-dimensional software is adopted

time is limited. Can engineers learn to use software in a short time? The whole vehicle design project is divided into several groups, including chassis, structure, process, etc. can the technical exchange between different groups be ensured? Can the company help engineers intuitively express the very abstract products by adopting the mode of design and modification? And easy to modify? Mining truck is a very complex body. In the past, interference between parts often occurred. How much help can inventor give engineers in this regard

in a word, Zhonghuan power had many concerns before using inventor. With the technical support and dealer service of Autodesk, Zhonghuan power eliminated many concerns and quickly solved the problems of data inheritance of original DWG drawings and software use

application and achievements

through the application of inventor, Zhonghuan power has achieved good results. For example, with the help of sheet metal function modules, the design of cab and walkway assembly becomes very convenient and meets the requirements of actual processing. First, set your own sheet metal style, including bend and corner parameters. Inventor provides accurate flat patterns, such as the bending position line in the flat results, which becomes an important reference in the manufacturing process. At the same time, the correct unfolding results are used as the basis for later nesting, which greatly improves the nesting accuracy and reduces the cost. As shown in Figure 1, one is the effect drawing of the cab assembly, and the other is the engineering drawing of the unfolding results of the driving floor

in order to solve the problem of collaboration among teams, the design team adopts the method of creating parts in place. For example, the frame, engine, gearbox and rear axle in the car body are all fixed components, so other components such as fuel tank, cab and carriage adopt the method of creating parts in place and carry out the overall design layout in combination with the adaptive function. As shown in Figure 2

static and motion interference inspection is very helpful for the project. For example, the engine assembly, in which many connecting parts are made of castings, will be very troublesome and the cycle will be very long in case of assembly conflict during the production of the sample vehicle

therefore, before the production of each part and component, the engineer carries out interference inspection on the assembly drawing of the whole vehicle with the help of inventor, so as to ensure that the existing problems can be solved in advance during the long-term experiment and reduce errors and losses. As shown in Figure 3

for the assembly of complex machine body, inventor presentation view is adopted, which is made into assembly process video and sent to the assembly workshop, instead of the original assembly process card, "reading words" is changed into "viewing films". For new products, engineers publish the design data in a portable and unmodifiable DWF format. Based on this, the scheme can be discussed, and it can also be provided to the sales for marketing promotion in advance. These are the innovations of central power in working methods and processes, and have received very good results. Looking forward to the future

through the practical application of this project, the engineers of central power think that Autodesk Inventor is a software that can really assist the design of heavy vehicles. It not only improves the work efficiency and design level, but also allows engineers to more intuitively show their products to customers, making customers more confident in their products. Therefore, all product designs of Zhonghuan power now adopt inventor

Songyi, technical director of Zhonghuan power (Beijing) heavy truck Co., Ltd., said: "in the process of product design and production, we use inventor to complete the conceptual design and scheme design at the beginning, the product structure design at the substantive stage, and the assembly and process at the later stage of the design. This makes our work much more convenient and faster than before."

in the future, Zhonghuan power also hopes to continue to deepen cooperation with Autodesk, continuously improve its own software use level, and also hopes that Autodesk Inventor can be widely used in the heavy truck manufacturing industry. (end)

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