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AutoCAD LT: experience the lightness and conciseness of digital design

since Kundera put forward the philosophical topic of "the unbearable lightness of life", the discussion on lightness and heaviness in life has not stopped; Businesses with keen business opportunities have also made their own unique moves, and various lightness groups with "light", "light" and "lite" as their signboards have emerged. From the new health proposition of low-fat food to the light-weight automobile, which gives consideration to fashion and environmental protection, the design software AutoCAD, which is trusted by designers and engineers, has its own lightweight version - the lightweight turn of AutoCAD LT, so that design innovators can enjoy the pleasure of "lightness" when expressing their ideas

lightness is an attitude, a pursuit of simplicity but not simplicity, and a pure but not thin persistence

food light Edition: the favorite of slimming experts

girls who love beauty often see "lite" written on the food package, and their eyes will shine: low-fat milk, low-fat cheese, low-fat jam, even low-fat ice cream, low-fat chocolate - these low-fat foods can not only satisfy the appetite, but also do not have to be afraid to sacrifice their good body. Naturally, they are the only choice for fashionable and healthy experts

lightweight version of automobile: Automobile "slimming campaign"

in the automotive industry, the traditional concepts of "the heavier the car, the more stable the performance" and "taking the car by weight" are quietly exiting the stage, and the voice of "lightweight first" is gradually becoming a climate. According to the new cars exhibited at the 2009 Guangzhou auto show, Mazda Ruiyi 2.0, Mazda CX-7, Mercedes Benz's new e200/e260 sedan, E260 coupe, Lamborghini murcielagolp640roadster, Haima m2, Bentley Continental Supersport, etc. are all based on lightweight

some research figures show that if the vehicle weight is reduced by 10%, the fuel efficiency can be increased by 6%-8%; For every 100 kg reduction in curb weight, the fuel consumption per 100 km can be reduced by 0 6 liters, the weight of the car is reduced by 1%, and the fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.7%. In terms of driving, the acceleration is improved after the vehicle is lightweight, and the vehicle control stability, noise and vibration are also improved. In terms of collision safety, the inertia is small and the braking distance is reduced during collision. In addition, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 5g/km for every 100kg of vehicle weight reduction

automobile lightweight can be said to have set off a weight loss movement in the automotive industry. In this low-carbon era of advocating energy conservation and emission reduction, lightweight has become a necessary way for the global mainstream automobile to support the development of automobile lightweight enterprises to "save the country with a curve"

figure: Audi lightweight concept sports car in 1991 (picture source: Tencent automobile)

figure: Lamborghini lightweight sports car: Gallardo Superleggera, which is 100kg lighter than the ordinary Gallardo, and the total weight is only 1330kg (picture source: Google picture)

software lightweight version: the lightweight turn of AutoCAD

autocad LT, that is, the lightweight version of AutoCAD, is an ideal professional drawing software. It has a complete set of tools that enable users to create, compile and share drawings accurately and efficiently. As the file format of positive OCAD LT when the aut force measuring part tilts to the right is a DWG file with excellent stability and compatibility, it can enable different teams to communicate smoothly; Moreover, customers can optimize the software according to the way they use menus and user interfaces

unlike AutoCAD, which supports end-to-end design workflows, "We have not created new materials. AutoCAD lt is a two-dimensional CAD software specially used for professional drawing. Although it does not have the three-dimensional conceptual design function of AutoCAD and advanced documentation functions such as parametric drawing tools, it is easy for professional draftsmen, engineers and small and medium-sized companies that do not need customization to use AutoCAD lt to carry out design work.

the newly released AutoCAD LT 2010 has the following advantages :

· unparalleled data integrity, reliability and file sharing performance

· support for PDF underlay and PDF output

· make drawing easier and faster with new and improved 2D tools

· find commands in a faster way, switch between drawings

· better control over tiles and external references

American Aerobie company is a company specializing in the design and production of high-performance sports toys. Their designed Aerobie flying ring has a single throw distance of 406 meters, which means that even ordinary people can easily throw it over the Niagara Falls

autocad lt can support Aerobie to complete most designs. "I think AutoCAD lt is enough. I only use AutoCAD when I need to use AutoLISP and 3D functions. But most product designs only need 2D functions. I prefer to use AutoCAD LT because it is faster to use." Alan Adler, founder and CEO of the company, said

figure: aerospin (picture source: Aerobie Company Station)

in the past eight years, AutoCAD lt has helped American premier rides company design a series of roller coasters. This company, which specializes in the design, manufacture, installation and post maintenance of amusement park roller coasters, provides thrilling and exciting rapid experience for tourists all over the world. All drawings designed by Premier rides are made in AutoCAD and AutoCAD Lt. "We use AutoCAD and AutoCAD lt to improve design accuracy, simplify operations, and enhance communication with contractors and customers. It really speeds up the process and improves the quality of work. The dimensions of CAD are very accurate." For example, the engineer can paste the drawing of the braking system into the drawing of the main carriage, and move it back and forth before finalizing it to confirm the dimensions and clearances. "This saves a lot of design time."

picture: speed trip (picture source: Premier rides Company Station)

Schuler look in the United States is a professional theater lighting design company. Every project of the company starts with designers running AutoCAD lt on laptops to quickly complete 2D creative sketches. Thanks to the use of Autodesk software, Schuler hook has enhanced design collaboration, thus saving an average of 20 hours in each project; Clear design expression also makes Schuler hook communicate more smoothly with customers; Even the newly graduated students are very familiar with the operation of AutoCAD LT, which greatly saves the time and cost of personnel training

(picture source: Schuler shoe official website:)


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