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The solar chemical distribution system will increase the ink production capacity by 30%

Romer etik4, a German label processing plant, and electronic tensile testing machine are divided from experimental materials: there are those suitable for metal experiments and non-metal experiments; Ett company recently became the first customer of Solaris colorsat's new ink distribution system. This system was jointly developed by Sun Chemical and GSE issuing. According to Sun Chemical Company: since Romer et ikett introduced Solaris colorsat system three months ago, it has increased the productivity of ink by more than 30%

among the customers of Romer etikett company, many are German and international well-known manufacturers of food, beverage, sanitary products, cosmetics and other products

at present, Romer etikett company has realized that this system is very easy to use and hardly needs maintenance. Anne lourens, general manager of GSE distribution, said: Romer etikett hopes to recover the investment within 18 months. If they can reduce the cost by using recycled ink on the premise of improving the quality level, they can achieve this goal

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