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Sunchem can solve the key problems faced by the packaging industry

pacipani, New Jersey Interpack 201 can get a series of data based on this. 4 during this period, sunchem and its parent company DIC will share with their brand owners how to distinguish their brands. They will improve them by showing their technology and supporting the packaging development workflow, from package design concept to prepress, conversion and brand launch, From the bottom line to the final store shelves

the weight (kg) of the troostat hardness tester with the theme of concept o consumer: 80 Yang Chemical booth is located at No. 7a, C10 hall. Sun Chemical will display its unique technology. A global comprehensive service packaging solution can solve the key problems faced by the packaging industry this year, including shelf impact, brand integrity, food safety regulations and fees

shelf impact

by using its packaging brand packaging service life cycle management organization, the brand owner of Sun brand solutions (SBS) can create an attractive packaging design, which can be placed on the shelf to maintain the color consistency of the brand every time, use special effect inks and coatings, and comply with the law of low migration. SBS can also determine the correct packaging structure for each customer's specific needs

brand integrity

sunchem can help booth visitors explore brand protection options to ensure the integrity of their packaging. Sun Chemical provides various safety ink solutions, including infrared coding called verigard?, Add a small amount of producer or chemical marks to the solution of the safety system used in any printing process of ink, varnish or paint on any substrate. Sun Chemical brand protection experts will be at the booth to discuss various hidden public and semi public options. Sun Chemical provides brand owners to maintain the integrity of the brand

food safety regulations

Sun Chemical engineering works with brand owners to ensure that their packaging meets the needs of the market, including the most stringent provisions of plastic implementation measures, reach, plastic directives and Swiss regulations. The sun brand solution is designed to launch packaging development services, and brand owners can use life cycle management software

sunchem led the way in providing best practices for food packaging printing and providing materials for converters from ink and paint easy to operate to specially designed adhesives that ensure low migration of ink on packaging

packaging system/cost-effective solution

Sun Chemical and DIC together provide a variety of packaging services and materials and systems to improve the bottom line system of brand owners. From the packaging system, the use of barrier laminating adhesives and coatings to sustainable ink design light packaging in a cost-effective, recyclable, biodegradable ready-made way. By ensuring the consistency of brand color on the packaging substrate and using materials, variable data storage can be printed on each package, saving additional costs

Felipe mellado, chief marketing officer of Sun Chemical Company, said that between DIC, Sun Chemical Company and sun company's brand solutions, we are a real global packaging solution provider. We are not just an ink company; We can guide brand managers from concept to consumption by providing packaging systems, materials and services. Brand packaging owners differentiate their brands by providing a variety of combined packaging solutions to improve their bottom line

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