The hottest solar company improves process control

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Solar has improved the level of process control by operating with measurement methods

among manufacturers in the United States, the company is one of the units that implement the most extensive "fetscher said. Its ultimate goal is to improve the level of process control

in order to support its production and operation in sandiego factory, the company has configured two cygnusx coordinate measuring machines of Leitz company as part of its planning of all measurement methods. The company also uses two other cygnusx measuring machines, one installed in the company's supply plant to check the geometric characteristics of turbine blade airfoil; The other was installed at the company's plant in Mexico as part of the reproduction operation

"we use cygnusx for the measurement of box parts and the shape detection of contour workpiece in scanning mode." Kemittove, a manufacturing engineer and head of the machine tool measurement service group of solar, said, "analyzing these data helps us adjust the production process and ensure that the processed parts are within the tolerance range required by our design."

cygnusx is a high-speed, high-precision CMM. It can provide laboratory level measurement accuracy in harsh workshop environment. Its advantage is that it has three ultra precision detection modes with Trax all terrainprobe function. For simple geometric dimensions, discrete single point mode is the most accurate mode. Automatic centering mode automatically determines the center position and high/low points of symmetrical parts (such as grooves, seams, gears, etc.)

maxiscanning mode in the shape measurement, the probe can automatically scan the unknown convoluted surface at a speed of 25mm/s and a high point density, and improve the accuracy

in solar, standard measurement technology is used for traditional "yes/no" and "pass/fail" tests. "We are more interested in analyzing the relationship between" shape "and" fit ", which is taught by coordinate metrology." Dove said

how to understand "relationship"

in modern measurement methods, it is important to know not only the exact position of the workpiece, but also the size, shape, deviation, flatness and other dimensional and external characteristics of the whole workpiece, so as to know what performance the workpiece will have after assembly. This perfect concept reminds us that the workpiece is not an isolated and irrelevant entity, but is in a set of relationships, which together determine the similarity between the design size of a workpiece and its envisaged function after it is produced

Dove said that the relationship between evaluation and cooperation is particularly important today. According to the degree of good or bad coordination controlled by the manufacturing process, the performance difference of several percentage points can be predicted

"the biggest advantage of measurement method is that it has changed from a component of early-stage process and engineering development to a part of general process and product development projects in the factory." Dove said

in order to achieve this goal, solar combines the operation of measurement methods with the modeling process. "We use the simulation function of the measuring machine and the standard module to generate the part inspection program of the measuring machine. It is used to verify the consistency of the single point of product definition." Dove said. This is how the measurement and testing equipment provides services to the factory

keep up with the pace of production

cygnusx is specially designed to improve production operation. The electronic control system of the machine provides 0.3g acceleration and 400mm/s speed, while maintaining a very low vdi/u3 spatial measurement error. The control system can compensate spatial measurement error and temperature error, real-time error recovery, service diagnosis, accuracy tracking and high-speed data acquisition in maxiscan mode

the base, bridge, movable workbench and z-axis are all made of special materials to prevent the influence of workshop temperature changes. The huge base can attenuate the vibration and isolate the measuring machine from the influence of temperature gradient. The base has high temperature repeatability, and is not hygroscopic and moisture-proof. The surrounding of the machine structure is insulated, which can ensure a more predictable response to the short-term temperature gradient

x-axis and y-axis use recirculating ball screw drivers that are similar to those used in machine tools. In order to let more industries know about the clearance elimination effect of materials previously only used for spectacle lenses. All driving structures are placed at the center of gravity of the machine to reduce their impact on geometric errors, and are sealed to the environment so that they can operate normally without maintenance under harsh conditions

QUINDOS software installed on cygnusx machine is a powerful measurement and analysis software package

"it is very important to have a precise measuring machine to do this kind of data collection and analysis because the electric signal output by the extensometer is extremely weak." Dove said, "for example, for a 50 inch length, some tolerances allow a deviation of 0.0005" from the correct position, while some are 0.001. "

dove believes that the combination of the structure of the measuring machine and the analysis ability of the software is very right for Solar's goal

play the role of measurement methods

solar is no stranger to CMM technology. The company also uses a DEA fdg/scirocco measurement unit to support its CBN grinder processing

the company also has the ghiblitrax measuring machine of DEA, which also uses advanced detection technology. "This machine is used in our sheet metal processing operations." Dove said, "it uses a non-contact probe, and we can quickly collect dimensional data to measure the shape of the sheet metal surface."

all measuring machines of solar company are equipped with the operation process of QUIN tensile testing machine and what are the sensor classifications of this equipment? DOS software

"this is part of our overall strategy for measuring machine dimensions." Dove said, "we chose this project to implement our 'big three strategic alliance': our company, caterpillar technical services and brown Sharpe, which helps us ensure our advantages in measurement technology. This alliance also ensures that solarturbines can always use the most advanced measurement technology."

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