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The UK solar boom needs to be built on a sustainable basis

you can't miss the UK solar boom. Solar modules that produce electricity decorate tens of thousands of British homes and provide clean and green energy. But the disturbing fact is that subsidies have plummeted with costs, and the solar boom is unsustainable. That's why we suggest taking timely measures to reform the feed tariff (FIT) plan and ensure a long-term future for this important green industry

Take the spring on the vehicle for example.

people should easily see why the sun has such a great attraction: it is simple, convenient, reliable and suitable for families and communities. This is an important part of the energy revolution. However, we believe in the long-term development potential of solar energy. We must face the economic reality and the challenges of every economic sector. There is no foam in green economy

the yield of people's investment in solar photovoltaic modules has been close to the performance of many engineering plastics, falling below double digits, and cannot continue. But the good news is that since the start of the technology in April 2010, the technology cost has decreased by at least 30%. Now, a household solar installation system costs only 9000 pounds or less, and similar devices save about 4000 pounds compared with two years ago

for nearly three times the installed capacity, when the government launched the plan 18 months ago, it already meant that the budget was consumed at an unsustainable rate. If we do not take action, the £ 867million federal feed tariff plan will also be exhausted

our challenge is to use public investment to get as many deployments as possible. We don't want to see the maintenance of equipment oil sources: the tax plan only brings rich returns to a few people, but we hope to see the deployment of solar devices in more places and buildings. The alliance proposes to make the import tariff plan smarter, more flexible and conform to the development of the market. The important thing is to make our consumers feel more value for money

the new regulations will encourage the development of the industry, integrate their skills and expertise more closely with their work, and also expand the energy-saving market rapidly. By taking timely and negative actions to protect the long-term future of the tariff plan at the end of the experiment, we will establish a sustainable future for the solar energy industry in the UK

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